July 16, 2020

I Barely Escaped & There Were Critters...

Hey Ya'll,

How was your Independence Day? We kept it low-key with a few firecrackers in the driveway and some hot dogs. Later, our neighbors put on a great fireworks show. Guess what? Last weekend I finally escaped the house and went for a hike! It's still hot in the mountains, but we enjoyed a walk up the Marble Mine trail and ran into a snake and a very large spider. Eek! Afterward, we took a driving tour of Berry College's campus and stopped at Sonic for much needed slushies!

I hope you're safe and doing well as quarantines continue in many places. It's hard not to worry about family and friends. My mom is coming to visit soon, so we're trying to be extra careful. In the meantime, we're still working on the house and yard when not working, reading, or getting in a little TV time. I've been binge-watching House Hunters. Not sorry!
From the Writing Desk
I'm not gonna lie, it's been crazy in the office. While preparing the next book in the Gentlemen of the Coast series, I heard from my editor at Harlequin who requested another manuscript. Since I'd written a rough draft in May, I went to work getting that polished and edited. It's just been submitted, so stay tuned on that front. Also, if you've bought His Daughter's Prayer at Walmart or other stores, thank you so much! It's been super exciting to have a book on the shelf at major retailers. I feel like after so many years of sacrifice and hard work my dream has come true. Thank you for that.

This month I'm scrambling to finish edits on A Buccaneer's Deal for its August 10th release date. This book feels a bit different since it's set in Spanish Florida—and spoiler alert—there's a swamp witch! I've always wanted to create a swamp witch. Research has been tough but fun. I definitely took some artistic license since I don't speak Spanish, but I'm excited about this next adventure. (You can pre-order it at the .99 price here.)

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Ta-Ta for Now

Hey, you made it! Thanks for reading all of my news. I hope you have a fabulous month of July and find lots of good books to read. Thank you again for your support. I appreciate all of the reviews and shares on social media. I love connecting with you all on Facebook and other platforms. Take good care and be happy.


Danielle Thorne