June 5, 2019

Yes, Chiggers are a Thing!

It’s Chigger Time!
(My least favorite thing about summer.)

    Hey ya'll!

Wow, one day it’s spring showers, and the next day it’s 90+ degrees in Georgia. Some of our family came in for our baby’s graduation last week, so we visited the Georgia Aquarium and did some tubing down the Chattahoochee River. Good times. On the other hand, summer means chiggers in Georgia, and they are SO BAD here!

Yes, chiggers are a thing. They’re tiny critters that hang out in the grass and jump on bare legs. Almost invisible to the naked eye, they burrow down into your skin—usually around your ankles—and itch you to death, sometimes for up to a couple weeks until they’re scratched out or suffocated with fingernail polish or other homemade remedies. Chiggers are the pits! I can’t stand out in the grass for more than a minute without catching a few.

So, here’s to summer? Yay! In all seriousness, I hope you have time to make wonderful memories this month, find some great books to read, and avoid all the boo-boos like sunburn, bug bites, and oh, yeah, chiggers!

From the Writing Desk: 

Pirates in the Caribbean!


In 1728, diamonds unwittingly discovered by gold washers in Brazil found their way to Portugal. The Portuguese sent the suspected treasure to Lisbon to be examined, hoping the rest of the New World wouldn't notice. They knew Caribbean pirates and privateers, despite the lucre of sugar, would never be satisfied without their shares. Sugar was sweet, but it did not make kings.
This past month I’ve been working on edits for The Privateer of San Madrid. This story is the very first book I ever had published. With pirates, the Caribbean, and two star-crossed sweethearts, it’s definitely my baby, and I’m so excited to have the rights back to re-publish this year. Here’s some more info:

Captain Julius Bertrand isn't a pirate anymore, but someone wants him out of the way. Distracted by an avaricious girl he could never love and the beautiful Kate O'Connell who doesn't need him, Bertrand tries to untangle the web of mysterious cargo someone in the New World wants to keep a secret. Kate O'Connell arrives in San Madrid determined to put her past behind her. Assisting her physician father shouldn't be too scandalous if she can mind her tongue and temper, but it seems all of the women on the island see her as less than suitable for their company. When Bertrand's pirating past returns with the force of a sweeping broadside, and he finds he must sacrifice everything his respectable life has brought him in order to save what matters most.

This historical adventure with clean romance is up for pre-order for .99 at Amazon right now if you’d like to get it for the bargain price before release day.
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