March 20, 2019

March Madness & Movies

Hi Everyone!

March definitely feels like madness here in Georgia. One day it's warm, the next day the wind is biting cold, and at other times, rain, rain, rain. We have been tuned in to the basketball playoffs, although our Tennessee Vols lost their chance to become SEC champions *sad face*.


This past month I actually wrote an entire novel in two weeks! Crazy, huh? The editing took just as long, and I wasn't happy with the rush job, but I had the opportunity to submit without an agent to one of the Big Five who I respect, so I just went for it. The temporary title for now, is "The Bachelor's Spoons." If I decided to indie-publish it, it'll be out in August.


Caught your attention, huh? They say Georgia is now the most popular filming location in the world. We happen to live in an area with a lot of studios, so there are casting calls for "extras" all the time. Some of my friends and my husband have participated in various movies. It certainly pays well. I guess it's something to think about if I ever tire of writing stories! Ha!

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