January 11, 2006


Hello Bloggers,

After toying with the idea of blogging and posting only three very sad essays over the past year I've decided to withhold my opinions on entertainment news and the state of the world and post my progress on my third manuscript. A journal for myself. A voyeoristic view of a slave to the humanities for you.

I placed 29th out of hundreds, perhaps thousands of entries in this past year's Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition (short story category). This, along with the two years I have put into researching this historical story and the inspiration I have had in my life of late, have put more than a spark in my creative endeavors; it has lit the fire.

So many writers need validation. I know in my life it has certainly motivated me to aim higher. We can't all hit the mark every time, if at all. And we all don't have the same targets. But if there's anything I could offer to someone who has the true desire to create literature, to take someone along their dream of adventure, it would be to press on and look forward. We all get our due when the time is right.

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