July 24, 2006

Here's a Bummer

I don't mind rejection slips. Of course I cherish contracts and awards. Payment is nice. But what about those agents who ask you to send more, then after a week send a note saying they read your work and aren't interested? If you've ever queried agents then you probably received similar letters like mine. They all use the word "enthusiastic." They don't feel enthusiastic, they can't get enthusiastic, you need someone more enthusiastic to represent the work. How enthusiastic can you make a query letter without making it corny? I'm not sending gift cards and smiley faces, just plain white paper and a formatted letter. Can you be enthusiastic and professional at the same time? My letters keep getting more and more enthusiastic. Eventually they will be hysterical. It's hard to keep it real when you send queries, a synopsis, and chapters and they need more to decide if they're interested. All I need is the back cover of a book to figure out if I want to read it or not.

Lots of barracudda off the coast of Destin. I think about life alot when I dive-being a part of a water wormhole where you can forget your humanity. When you've sucked enough compressed air to keep you from worrying about predators it all becomes very surreal. Just another walk in the woods. The barracudda follow you up the line when you're getting out. Sometimes they get really close as if daring you to run. They want to chase you before they take a big bite. Of course I've noticed if you move toward them they take off. Chickens with sharp teeth and scales. I wish literary agents were more like barracudda.

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