August 8, 2006

Another Day, Another Query

I am now one and fifteen in the agent game. Of course the one agent who asked to see my work turned down the manuscript because it wasn't what they were looking for.....although they asked to see it after the query/synopsis. Anyhoo, another small round out today and I have finally listened to my nag in the instincts that said to ditch the first chapter. Why does literature today have to be action action action? One thing I'm learning is that being a natural born poet does not make novel writing easy. Even when I think something is tight I go back for the second and third round edit and have to pound more out. It feels so cut and dry and this makes me sad. If you look at authors like C. Frazier or even Patrick O'Brian you realize the art of great literature is being lost to our hyperspeed mind sets. Not to sound bitter but I picked up a series book at Costco this summer in the vampire genre (listed as a bestseller)-bought a HARDBACK mind you, and could not believe the poor writing. It was like reading something a very talented high school kid had written. Whether it was poor editing or what I don't know, the story was great, but I can't believe so many of us are out here starving. Now for the clincher: I registered to receive the e-zine from Rejection so I could read sad and funny rejection letters to make myself feel better--my confirmation subscription e-mail said my request had been rejected. Please tell me it's a joke.

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