August 21, 2006

When you get too caught up with yourself, whether as a writer or just as a person, take a long look at this video. I can't post the article that gives the background but you'll get the idea. How much would you do to help someone you love experience life?

I share with pride another rejection I received from a publishing editor, not an agent, this past week. I sent my manuscript to a sub-genre editor of a leading paperback company for rejection said, "You have a knack for historical fiction," along with other things I've heard "strong project" but this editor didn't mince words with the why--she flat told me in not so many words, that my work was to realistic, too clean, just not enough "bodice ripping." Yes, even though I probably didn't use the word "bodice" in the entire story, this journey of a man trying to put a criminal past behind him so that he can make something of himself would not appeal to women because I didn't provide graphic episodes of intimacy. Actually, although such instances were understood, I didn't write any in. This brings to mind the discussion at Writers Digest this month about companies looking for "attractive authors." Gee. Good thing I got braces. What's next? Plastic surgery before Publishers Weekly?


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