October 13, 2006

Fall Ambition

The big tranfer to Atlanta has come and so now I am not just selling my manuscript and soul but the house, too. I missed days of work while painting and packing but now that everything is ready to go from the real estate end I am sitting and waiting for the big one. I put a hold on queries for the book-but I still occasionally jot down notes on agents I come across. Besides compiling all of my chapters into a final disk ready presentation, I've also worked on some short stories for a few legit contests coming up. My one great hope is a 5K titled WAGON BLUE that came out of nowhere. I was trying to come up with first-liner inspirations which work good for me when exercising, and happened to notice a blue wagon on my desktop in a painting of a Caribbean colony. WD has two open calls the end of this year for fiction-I hate to pay entry fees- but I'm happy with WAGON BLUE. It really captures my voice and in a good story so maybe I'll receive some more much needed validation. It's too bad that there isn't editing software that will give you personal feedback on a whole story. Who wouldn't want to hear: "That's a brilliant piece of work!" or "That's the biggest load of crap I've ever had to sludge through." You get the idea.

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