August 7, 2009

New Voices

When I was young, there were a handful of teachers who took a special interest in my writing. These teachers inspired me to press forward. I often wonder how much more I could have accomplished and how much earlier I could have reached my goals if I would have had a little more help. Encouraging young writers today is important to me. I know what it feels like to be alone with a story in my heart and a dream to share it. That’s why this year I agreed to help chair the 2010 New Voices writing competition. This contest not only promotes e-publishing, but encourages writers to become authors. The contest is free and provides prizes and publishing opportunities. Read on to find out more, and help spread the word by forwarding our information to your local schools, libraries, and teachers.

The 2010 New Voices Competition for young writers is under way. Encourage and promote writing for young authors by sharing the news!

Viewpoints are rapidly changing in the publishing industry and our school systems regarding e-publishing. EPIC’s members have been on the forefront of the literacy fight, speaking at schools and conferences, and encouraging evocative and expressive writing from young writers.

EPIC established The New Voices Competition to encourage reading and writing within school systems and libraries. This contest is an opportunity to educate young writers on the e-publishing world, as well as the variety and versatility of e-books. It urges up-and-coming authors to spread their wings, offering the possibility of turning dreams into reality.

--from the New Voices Handout

New Voices is for middle school and high school students between the ages of 11 and 18. The contest is free and awards winners from Grand Prize to Third Place.

A new website is under construction. Visit last year’s page at:

For more information, a current brochure or entry guidelines, e-mail

Please spread the word about the 2010 New Voices writing competition. Follow us at Twitter as EpicNewVoices.

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mormonhermitmom said...

My sister is a middle school English teacher. I'm passing this info on to her. Thanks for letting us all know!