February 5, 2010

Like a Bad Toothache!

I guess going to the dentist makes its mark, since we use so many expressions from the experience. This week means the six-month deadline for my kids and I’ve already dragged Son #4 in for his checkup. The kid’s the best brusher I have, but he carries the record for most cavities.

Now I’m the first to admit I overuse the saying “Like pulling teeth”--most frequently when I’m staring at a blank computer screen trying to finish a first draft. Sometimes when the words aren’t flowing, and I have a deadline, I wish I was at the dentist.

Then there’s “like a bad toothache.” Okay, I’ve actually had a toothache so bad I literally thought I’d died and gone to Hell. For some reason, there seems to be a waiting list for people who need root canals. I don’t get this. Isn’t that like an emergency situation? Everyone seems to think a couple painkillers will tide you over until you can get the work done, but for anyone who’s ever endured this…Nuh-uh.

So now, my youngest child will be returning to the dentist next week to have a tooth with a cavity in it pulled. It’s wedged in by a big mean permanent tooth. When I got the news I was immediately concerned, because let’s face it, with all of the idioms and horror stories, it could be a traumatic experience that might scar him for life.

I talked to him about it on the way home, hoping in some small way I could ease his fears. In true “Never Say Die, I’m An Eight Year Old” fashion, he shrugged it off with, “I’ll need that tooth back so I can put it on under my pillow.”


I pray that he never needs a root canal. Or has to pay for one!


Dawn! said...

Ha Ha...that sounds like your little guy!

Danielle Thorne said...

He put the tooth under his pillow. No problems. I'm surprised he still is okay with the dentist-he's had to have so much stuff done.

Anonymous said...

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