June 17, 2010

News for Yous

Desert Breeze Opening for Submissions
Check out Desert Breeze Publishing this week. They are opening for submissions this July and are taking all genres, being especially interested in Modern Historicals.

You Have Until Friday!
Also, my quick, easy and authentic Guacamole recipe will be posted in this month's PRIVATEER NEWSLETTER. Readers will also get a sneak peek at my July 1st release's opening chapter. If you're not onboard, sign up now! THE PRIVATEER NEWSLETTER

Regency Whimsy
If you're a Jane Austen fan, check out the book cover for my winter release, JOSETTE, coming soon from Whimsical Publications. Inspired by all of Jane's works, this novel will satisfy any sweet romance reader and lover of Regency life in the English countryside.


Angie said...

Nice cover! Looks like a good book. I love Austen, but then, who doesn't? Thanks for the info about Desert Breeze.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I'm a Regency fan and I love your new cover!

Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks for the kudos on the cover, ladies. Appreciate it! It was done by a cover artist at Whimsical Publications--not my own work. :)