October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!

October is my favorite month. I love the changes that come with the season, and I love Halloween. If you were following my blog last year, then you know that we have the greatest pirate-y neighbors anywhere who love to put on a great Halloween show. Every year our pirate friends build two pirate ships right in their front yard for spooky, swashbuckling tours. Their home becomes a graveyard with carriages and crypts and creepy ghost brides.

It rained last year, and this week the South has been full of thunderstorms and tornadoes, so we are hoping the weather clears in time for the weekend. I've been so busy with editing and other things, I haven't had time to carve up anymore pumpkins for my pumpkin collection, but we do have a few decorations up. Friday will be a busy day as we play catch up, that's for sure!

Here's a little peek at my favorite pumpkin from my patch:

Check back next week for more pictures from our pirate weekend.

And by the way, if you missed this month's THE PRIVATEER NEWSLETTER, you missed out on my White Chicken Chili recipe that makes a great addition to the fall menu. You can check it out and sign up for the newsletter here. Enjoy your Halloween and eat lots of candy…or maybe just have a piece or two!

See the pirate ships and haunted manor at www.SwansbroughManor.com.


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StephB said...

Awesome pumpkin, Sweetie. Happy Halloween!