November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours

One of my friend's said something very true to me this week, that Thanksgiving, for her, is the only holiday left that hasn't been commercialized. I think maybe she was right. Besides the frozen turkey specials at the grocery store, Thanksgiving really is still mostly about visiting with family and friends. And eating.

I recently told my husband that I didn't have time for a holiday. Is that how busy we've all become? Too distracted and overwhelmed by work and responsibility? By the trials in our lives?

Today I am forcing myself to set down my editing assignments, the new story I've started, and even the laundry basket. I'm taking my kids to their grandparents house. Last night I even baked a blueberry pie while running back and forth to the laptop and wrapping early holiday gifts. I need a Thanksgiving. I need to be thankful more than I already try to be. And I need a holiday!

Take a break. It will all be there when you get back. Eat some turkey and lots of goodies. Thanksgiving only comes once a year. Make the most of it -- and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Sue Roebuck said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. We don't celebrate it here, so there's no holiday :-( but I'm happy to hear that it's not commercialized and has been left as it should be - family, friends and eating. Perfect. Do you give presents?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! No, we don't do gifts just lots of food & family time. It's kind of the opener for the US holiday I guess. Have a great weekend!