November 11, 2010

New Cover For Original Adventure

Every author knows the feeling of that very first publication. Poem, short story, American novel, it doesn't matter. You always remember your very first.

My own first turned out to be a poetry win in a National Scholastic competition when I was in the eighth grade. For some bizarre reason, it was about Jack the Ripper. Everyone else wrote about tween angst and nuclear war, but even back then my head was in the clouds. Some dark ones apparently.

I was delighted today to receive the new cover for THE PRIVATEER, my first ever published novel about a pardoned pirate privateering for the British in 1729. Despite the growing pains I endured before, during and after sharing my beloved Captain Julius Bertrand, I've never let go of that experience. THE PRIVATEER will always be my special child.

This January, 2011, THE PRIVATEER will be re-released by Desert Breeze, re-edited and lengthier with missing scenes and back story. It's an honor to be working with the class acts at Desert Breeze, and it's an even bigger honor to have my cover done by one of the best in the e-business. A big Thank You to Jenifer Ranieri. See below and enjoy the sneak peek at next year's THE PRIVATEER!

Back Cover Blurb:

The reign of piracy is over in the Caribbean, or so it’s believed until diamonds are discovered in Brazil. Despite the cover-up, Captain Julius Bertrand begins to hear whispers. The Spanish guardacostas are dumping log books, and a new French pirate is on the prowl. Distracted by an avaricious woman he could never love, and the beautiful Kate O’Connell who doesn’t need him, he tries to untangle the web of mysterious cargo someone in the New World wants kept secret. When Bertrand’s pirating past returns with the explosive force of a sweeping broadside, he finds he must sacrifice everything his respectable life has brought him, in order to save what matters most.

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