January 3, 2011

Celebrate My New Releases!

It's January, start of a new year and the re-release of my Caribbean historical, THE PRIVATEER. I've released three books within thirty days, so join me today as I spotlight them with covers, blurbs and some great prizes. All visitors will be entered to win from among these giveaways:

A copy of THE PRIVATEER (Ebook)

A copy of JOSETTE (Autographed Print Copy)
A copy of SOUTHERN GIRL, YANKEE ROOTS (Poetry Ebook)

Grand Prize: A copy of the book of your choice plus a warm, fuzzy Snuggie to keep you cozy while you read away the winter blues.

COMMENT TO WIN: What's your favorite sea going adventure, Regency romance, or who is your favorite poet? Choose a query and comment!

All visitors must leave a comment and their contact information. Comments without contact information cannot be entered in the drawings.

Available January 1st at Desert Breeze Publishing!

In 1728, diamonds discovered by gold washers in Brazil found their way to Portugal. The Portuguese sent the suspected treasure to Lisbon to be examined, hoping the rest of the New World wouldn't notice. They knew Caribbean pirates and privateers, despite the lucre of sugar, would never be satisfied without their shares. Sugar was sweet, but it did not make kings.

When Captain Julius Bertrand’s pirating past returns with the explosive force of a sweeping broadside, he finds he must sacrifice everything his respectable life has brought him, in order to save what matters most...

Tip: Check out five star reviewed BY HEART AND COMPASS, the sequel to this Caribbean adventure.

Available Now at Amazon.com!
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A Jane Austen-Inspired Regency Romance

Josette Price sees her future in Beddingfield Park. While her brother, George, needlessly pursues a naval career, Josette promises to watch over their beloved parents and the Beddingfield Park estate. Nothing would make Josette happier than to see her sister and her self settled within the palings of Beddingfield, but dark, brooding Captain Carter rides into their lives with news that ruins everything: George has been lost at sea.
Learning the Park is entailed to their cousin, Edward, Josette must decide between marrying her fickle relation or helping her besotted sister trap him in her stead. Before a decision can be made, will Captain Carter and his delightfully spinsterish relatives stop the Price girls from making a choice that would be the greatest tragedy of all?

Available Now at Willow Moon Publishing!


Danielle Thorne never forgot her Yankee heritage, even as the beauty of the South shaped and influenced her paths. This is the volume of a young woman finding her way through the mire of family roots and tradition, motherhood and the society of the South. Her poems, at times, are frank - but she gracefully shares the beautiful and enlightening moments we all experience ... no matter where our feet must wander.

Join the Comments thread and share your thoughts. Also watch for excerpts from all three of these new releases that will be posted throughout the day. Check back Tuesday, January 4th, for drawing winners. Thanks for joining me and Happy Reading!

What's your favorite sea going adventure, Regency romance, or who is your favorite poet? Choose a query and comment!

All visitors must leave a comment and their contact information. Comments without contact information cannot be entered in the drawings.
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Danielle Thorne said...

Good morning! Thanks for coming by today. I'm looking forward to hearing some of your answers to
"What's your favorite sea going adventure?" Or a Regency romance? How about your favorite poet?

To get things started, my favorite sea going adventure is POST CAPTAIN by Patrick O'Brian. Main character Jack Aubrey is one of the most three dimensional characters I've ever come across. If you've never read O'Brian and you love the sea, I highly recommend him.

Have a great day!

Miss Mae said...

Oh Danielle, I feel so dumb. I don't read poetry, so... And I don't have a favorite sea going adventure, either. I'm a land lover! LOL

Regency romance? Oh dear, I used to read Georgette Heyer, but can't recall any of her titles. Will that count anyway? LOL

Congrats on all your wonderful releases! You've been busy! :)

Celia Yeary said...

DANIELLE--ditto what Miss Mae said. I'll get your books--you can give them away to some deserving visitor.
Congratulations on all three releases--all look good. You are certainly a multi-talented author!

Jules said...

Hi Danielle,

My favorite seagoing adventure would have to be Jack London's Sea Wolf. As for Regencies, I love them, and some of my favorite authors would include Suzanne Enoch, Jillian Hunter and Catherine Coulter. I don't read much poetry, but I love Poe and Lord Byron, I think, the most.

Congrats on your releases!

E.A. West said...

Three books released in thirty days? Congratulations!

Let's see, the only title that comes to mind for sea going adventure is The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I love that book, although I've never figured out exactly why.

I haven't read many Regency romances, but out of the ones I've read, my absolute favorite is The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen.

Poetry is something else I haven't often read, but Ogden Nash and Emily Dickinson are awesome.

Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks for coming by. I agree, Georgette Heyer is in a class all her own. (And I love her perfect name.)

I've always been intrigued by THE OLD MAN AND SEA, too, E.A. And I'm not sure if I've read SEA WOLF or not. Thanks for the recommendation, Jules. I'll have to check that out.

StephB said...

Dani, I love poetry. Emily Dickinson is my ultimate but I also enjoy Robert Frost for his New England themes. How did you do your poetry book? On Smashwords?

My favorite Regency author is Jillian Hunter and her Boscastle series. I really enjoy those passionate Boscastles.

May you have many sales!

Danielle Thorne said...

Hi Steph,

My poetry book, SOUTHERN GIRL, YANKEE ROOTS, is published through a new poetry publisher, Willow Moon Publishing.

I recently read Linda Swift's HUMANLY SPEAKING from there and it was really, really good. Poignant.

My favorite poets are probably Maya Angelou and Shel Silverstein though I love the classics, too.

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Danielle,
Congratulations on your releases.
Let's see. My favorte sea tale is The Caine Mutiny. My favorite Regency is Pride and Prejudice. My favorite poet is my college professor and friend, William Paulk, who passed away several years ago. For his book of poetry, The Beholden Hills, he was nominated for a Pushcart Award.

Best wishes to you for many sales of your wonderful books. You're an excellent writer, and Turtle Soup is one of my favorite books too.

Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks, Gail. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book, too. I read it several times a year. Mr. Bennett is my soul brother. I really get that man.

Cory said...

Congrats on the releases! That is awesome.

My favorite poet is Robert Frost, but I don't read a lot of poetry. My favorite Regency romances are by Stephanie Laurens. The Black Cobra Quartet are my favorite.

Danielle Thorne said...

From the climatic last chapters(with a little spoiler!)
"Bertrand's sword jerked from his hand, wrenched away by a blood-spattered opponent.
Scooping up a grapple in response, he sank it like an anchor into the man's crown. Then he saw a
flash of gold silken hair.
For an instant he thought it was Lucinda, but she was gone, sleeping in the tropical hills.
The distraction earned him a dirk through the shoulder from behind. Bertrand swung his
cutlass through the assailant, slicing him almost in two. Blood all around. He slipped, jerked out
the knife with an awkward grunt and lunged forward only to be thwarted by another blade.
The lieutenant made a fleeting acknowledgement then thrust past Bertrand who ducked
from the unseen. He circled around to take out McCracken's engaged from behind. The pirate,
his white armband visible in the gloom, stepped into the moonlight and Bertrand froze.
"Dubois?" he cried, perplexed. He motioned for McCracken to fall back but the lieutenant
was determined.
"No!" Bertrand shouted. He jerked Dubois back by the shoulder but his agent leapt upon
a barrel and came back at him with a sword meant to run him through.
Bertrand took a glancing blow across the forearm before he stumbled away. The agent
circled once more, his face a shadow of stone. Bertrand could not mask his disbelief.
Then Dubois laughed and it suddenly all became clear. So many questions answered. He
had been betrayed."

flchen1 said...

Woohoo, Danielle! What a lot to celebrate today! Hmm... although I don't watch many movies, I did rather enjoy Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. And Jennifer Ashley had a few pirate romances that were quite fun--The Pirate Next Door, The Pirate Hunter, and The Care and Feeding of Pirates :)

I do enjoy Regencies, but would be hard pressed to choose a favorite--Julia Quinn's are among those on the keeper shelf...

And I admit to not reading much poetry--my kids recommend Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky, and Adam Rex for laughs, among others :)

Congratulations on such an exciting start to the new year!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

JoAnn said...

Congrats on your release day!

Someone else already mentioned this book, but it was the first Regency that came to mind was Pride and Prejudice.

I chuckled when I saw Shel Silverstein is one of your favorite poets. My boys enjoy his poetry. For me, I enjoy Emily Rice.

Hmm... sea going adventure. How about TREASURE ISLAND?

Best wishes on much success with your latest relase. It sounds great!


Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks for coming by, Cory. I'll have to check out the Black Cobra tome. That sounds intriguing.

Thank you for the Julia Quinn recommendation, and JoAnn, thanks for coming over. I LOVE Treasure Island--it has such an authentic voice. Great pirating story!

Katie said...

Oh I am so excited to find a new author to read! I have loved regency romance author Marion Chesney. My favorite of her books is probably Deborah goes to Dover. My favorite Sea going adventure is the Pirate's Ruse by Marcia McClure. I don't read much poetry, but of the poetry I have read my favorites are shakespear and Silverstein.

Danielle Thorne said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for visiting!

Danielle Thorne said...

My name is Ashley Ostler...My favorite Regency Romance Author would have to be Jane Austin... who doesn't love her writing? I love Pride and Prejudice the most. I enjoy the humor and the character nuances that make them so personable. I have not yet read any of your work, but I have compiled a list of books to purchase and yours is on it for 2011. I'm anxious to have some of my work published in the future, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make that happen... and how to write something of interest to others. :) It's not an easy task is it? Thank you for this opportunity. I'm excited! Ashley Ostler*

Rachelle said...

Hi Danielle--

Does Island of the Blue Dolphins count as a sea going adventure? I don't think I have read many! My favorite Regency, hands down, is Pride and Prejudice and my favorite poet is Shel Silverstein (and Dr. Seuss, if you count him :-) Can you tell that most of my reading is done to kids?

I'd love to win one of your books, they sound intriguing!

--Rachelle Wilkinson

Joyce DiPastena said...

Congrats, Danielle, on all of your releases! Okay, here we go:

Favorite Regency: These Old Shades, by Georgette Heyer (or Friday's Child or The Talisman Ring or The Convenient Marriage...oh, my, I'd better stop before I recite ALL her titles! LOL!)

Favorite sea going adventure: I think the only sea going adventure I've read so far is By Heart and Compass, so I'll go with that as my favorite. ;-)

Favorite poet: I don't know if I have a favorite poet, but I have a favorite book of poetry from my childhood, Silver Pennies. My sister and I pulled it out and read poems back and forth to each other at Christmas.

Joyce DiPastena

Danielle Thorne said...

Hi Rachelle. Islands of The Blue Dolphins definitely counts. Gosh, I remember reading that as a girl. Thx for visiting!

Joyce, thanks for coming by. I'm so glad you liked By Heart & Compass. Being a historian, I bet you would love the Master and Commander series.

Linda Swift said...

What a great month for a great author. And books out in three genres besides. I won't enter the contest as I have all of your books and the winner will have a wonderful read. And thanks for the kind words about Humanly Speaking. Pays to read all the comments doesn't it? Otherwise, I would have missed that! Linda

Danielle Thorne said...

haha! Thanks for coming by, Linda. I really enjoyed HUMANLY SPEAKING--on my virtual keeper shelf because it makes excellent reflection for scripture study.

Danielle Thorne said...

Please enjoy a clip from my Regency romance, JOSETTE. New from Whimsical Publishing!

Josette and Amy had no other brothers. When her father was gone...
As this apprehension infiltrated her mind, Josette slipped into the breakfast parlor. To her surprise, sitting in his smart blue coat was George‟s Captain Carter, with a cup of coffee halfway up to his lips. He seemed to start when he saw her and jumped to his feet. “Madam,” he said.
Josette could find nothing to answer, so she took a chair opposite him and stared instead until something came to her mind. “You are Captain Carter?” she finally asked. She pressed her lips together and gave him an inspection.
He inclined his head and waited for an invitation to sit, which she offered with a jerk of her head.
“I knew your brother well.”
“So you‟ve said,” replied Josette. “And I know of you.”
For some reason, this came out sounding like a threat, and she watched his brows rise slightly over shadowed, deep-set eyes. They were green and very clear.
“And he spoke of you often, Miss Price.” His tone hinted at something questionable.
Josette frowned. Her brother had been completely wrong about this man. George thought Rose Sparrow had been in love with him when he was fourteen. He‟d been wrong about that, too. He was not always a very good judge of character, Josette reminded herself. “My brother said you were the finest captain he ever served under.”
“I believe I was but one of two.”
“He also said you liked to give chase.”
“At all costs.”
“I only follow orders, Miss Price.”
“Not instincts?”
“Fortunately, I find them to be frequent companions.”

Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks to everyone who came by the blog and checked out the release party. Please drop by Tuesday evening to see if you've won any of the giveaway prizes. I'll be in touch soon!

Danielle Thorne

Rachel Rager said...

I don't know if I have read any sea going adventures! But I LOVE Regencies!! I really enjoy Jaimey Grants books! But I enjoy Georgette Heyer too. How can you go wrong with a classic like her? Thanks for the fun contest!!!

Lisa loves to read! said...

I loved "Sprig Muslin" by Georgette Heyer. The phrase that came to mind as I read it was "a comedy of errors." it would make a great play.
Ke7yca at gmail dot com

Anne Patrick said...

I am so sorry I missed this, Danielle. Congratulations on your new releases! I wish you the VERY BEST!