April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Desert Breeze Publishing!

This month marks the two year anniversary since Desert Breeze Publishing opened its doors. I first met the owners of Desert Breeze, Gail Delaney and Jenifer Ranieri, in Las Vegas at the 2009 Epicon Conference. These two talented ladies were working from the ground up, including a cross country move so they could be near one another to build a reputable electronic company that published books with tasteful content. I was both impressed and grateful that there were options for authors writing "heartwarming" stories.

My first ever published novel, THE PRIVATEER, was contracted in 2007 with another company that sold out months before publication. Unfortunately, it saw little editing, and the new publisher did not honor the contract or my other subsequent books there. When its sequel, BY HEART AND COMPASS, published with Desert Breeze, we discussed moving THE PRIVATEER to join its companion, and fortunately for me, it all worked out beautifully!

THE PRIVATEER is about a West Indies privateer with a pirating past. Julius Bertrand is doing the best he can to make it in society while carrying out clandestine work for the government. When a new doctor and his precocious daughter arrive to his island colony, Bertrand finds himself distracted by the idea of choosing a wife. His ambitions lead him to make regrettable choices that almost kill him and those he loves.

In the sequel, BY HEART AND COMPASS, Lacey Whitman buys a restored Victorian home, but never dreams discovering an antique diary will lead her back into the arms of the dive bum she’d rather forget. Her habit of living in the past comes to a halt as diver Max Bertrand and the diary of his ancestor take Lacey on the quest of a lifetime: To discover and raise the privateer ship, Specter, and bring the treasure and legacy of a true hero home again.

Both books have won recognition: BY HEART AND COMPASS was a top ten finisher (#2) in the 2010 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll and nominated for a Whitney Award. THE PRIVATEER is a Desert Breeze best seller. I couldn't be any happier with the professionalism and integrity of Desert Breeze Publishing. The authors are talented and the staff is committed. If you're looking for a few good authors, browse the reading list at Desert Breeze. You won't be disappointed!

Happy Birthday, Desert Breeze!

Surprise! All visitors who comment before midnight, Friday the 22nd, will be entered in a drawing for a copy of


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When Captain Julius Bertrand’s pirating past returns with the explosive force of a sweeping broadside, he finds he must sacrifice everything his respectable life has brought him, in order to save what matters most.

Available at Desert Breeze Publishing, Amazon.com and online bookstores everywhere!


Genealogist Lacey Whitman prefers the dead, so her heart must be her compass as she goes head to head with the only living man who can help her find a centuries old pirate ship.

Available at Desert Breeze Publishing, Amazon.com and online bookstores everywhere!

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Gloria Clover said...

Thanks for hosting the birthday bash and for sharing your story with Desert Breeze. Don't we all love a happy ending? :-)

Theresa Stillwagon said...

Something like this happened to me too. I sold two books to another epublisher and they decided to close their doors to new books before mine were released. The only difference, I think, was the rights reverted back to me.
I sold one of them to another company.
Oh, I love your blog.

Sharon Sullivan-Craver said...

Interesting blog.Even if i am not the lucky person to win..i am definitely going to purchase these. the little excerpt was enough to grab my attention. thank for the invite.

Anne Patrick said...

You do have a very nice blog, Danielle, and By Heart and Compass is one of my favorite reads!

Happy Birthday Desert Breeze!

StephB said...

What a great story that you were able to move The Privateer to Desert Breeze! It's nice having you as a fellow author and both stories are great!


JoAnn said...

Wow, they Gail or Jenifer moved so they could work closer together. I didn't know that.

I don't know if I mentioned it to you before or not, but I love the covers of your stories.

Have a Blessed Easter!

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Desert Breeze Publishing and Congrats, Danielle on all of your successes.

Melanie said...

Glad you found Desert Breeze, Dani.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

That is awesome. Thanks for the contest.

Naomi Musch said...

I've got all your books on my Amazon wish list, so I had to pop over and leave a comment in the hopes I might win one in the drawing. Sounds like serendipity, your meeting the ladies at Desert Breeze. I'm happy to be here, too. Happy Birthday, Desert Breeze!

Christina Freeburn said...

I'm enjoying getting to know everyone and more about Desert Breeze every day. Your books sound wonderful, Dani.

Anonymous said...

I remember how pleased I was, Dani, to learn you'd won the contest at CRR... bringing By Heart and Compass to DBP. It was nice to know you before you joined. Las Vegas was so fun!

And to JoAnn... yes, I moved from New Hampshire to California and from there we were definitely 'led' in the right direction to open DBP.

Gail R. Delaney
Desert Breeze Publishing

Diane Craver said...

Hi Dani,
I'm happy you became a DBP author. I love all the authors published by DBP - everyone is so supportive and amazing writers. Congrats on all your releases and I wish you continued success! I've read so many great reviews for your books - I definitely want to start reading them.

Barbara M. Hodges said...

I haven't made it to a EPICON yet. But I plan to.

Danielle Thorne said...


Congrats to Vanessa A. Johnson. You are the winner of THE PRIVATEER. Thanks for coming by TBW!

Danielle Thorne

B. J. Robinson said...

Hi Danielle,
I'm so glad these two enterprising ladies founded DB. I enjoy reading how everyone found them. Have a blessed Easter weekend. Blessings, BJ