June 27, 2011

Balance with Nancy Naigle

Today I'm welcoming words of wisdom from author Nancy Naigle on balancing life. I ran into Nancy on the Sweeter Romantic Notions readers and writers loop, and fell in love with the covers of her new books. She's a small town girl at heart. And she says, "ya'll." What's not to love about that?

Nancy is giving away her new book to one of our lucky visitors who comment, so say something clever!

Take it away, Nancy...

I am thrilled to have the chance to join Danielle to chat about balance. This is one of my favorite blogs to read to help me remind myself just how important it is.

I’m Nancy Naigle, and I write love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense. I live in Virginia with my husband of 17 years on a goat farm in the southern part of the state. By day, I’m a Senior Vice President with Bank of America.

Life balance, or maybe I should say the act of trying to balance life isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes some good things come out of that struggle.

Being out of balance is kind of what inspired me to finish my first novel. Let me explain. You see, I, like you, live my life at a microwavin’ drive-thru speed. I’ve always had to juggle my busy career with family, friends and everything life wanted to toss my way. Of course, what life tossed in the mix was generally in the form of one of those police nail-strips thrown under your tires to make you swerve to a stop.

Whew. Just thinking about it wears me out.

At a particularly rocky stage of my life I had escaped between the pages of a novel by Jayne Ann Krentz. When I finished that book, I closed it and sat there holding it in my hands. I felt relaxed and it was kind of an amazing moment. One I hadn’t felt in a while. I felt hopeful, too. That gal in that story, she’d overcome huge obstacles, and (Jayne hadn’t let me down) there was a fabulous happy ever after.

That feeling I had at that moment. That’s the one that inspired me to work towards publishing my stories. I thought, “If I could rescue one gal, for one little while, from her crazy-paced life and make her believe it would be okay...that’s the best gift ever.”

Many stories later, SWEET TEA AND SECRETS finally made its way to completion and debuted last month. It’s a small town love story with enough suspense to keep your mind off your day job for a while. The residents of Adams Grove are a wonderful group of folks that you just might grow to think of as friends. At least I hope so!

Now, back to balance. I’m not going to bend your ear with paragraphs of scientific quotes about life balance, or bore you with what we ALL know. It’s so much easier to say than to do, right?

I’ll tell you that only you can decide what the right balance is in your life. But trust me on this, when things get the craziest, if you’ll take just a little ‘me’ time – even just 10 minutes – it’ll pay off big. Lock yourself in the bathroom and soak in a hot tub with a novel, sit and do nothing, nap, whatever works for you. For me, novels work best because reading forces me to forget my own story if even for just a little while.

My momma use to lay in the back of my daddy’s pickup truck and not answer us as we ran around looking for her. I never knew that until I was in my late thirties. I still laugh about it. She was pretty creative, really. She said she couldn’t relax in the tub because we’d talk to her through the door or wiggle our fingers under it to say hello. I guess that would make it a little hard to relax now that I think about it.

I promise you, your kids won’t flunk out of school and your husband won’t starve to death, but you may just be a better:













family member,


and all those other roles you play ... than you’ve ever been.

**To celebrate visiting with ya’ll today, and to say thanks for sharing in the excitement about the debut of SWEET TEA AND SECRETS, I’m hosting a little contest right here. Just leave a comment to be included in the drawing. We’ll draw one lucky winner who will receive a signed copy of my book (or e-format if you prefer) along with my very favorite tea to sip while you relax and read it.**

Hugs and high 5's!

Treat yourself to a little escape. It’s okay, really.

Nancy Naigle

Love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense.


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Phyllis Johnson said...

Sweet Tea and Secrets is a book you'll carry in your heart for a long time. It's a tapestry of nostalgia, hopes for the future and priceless treasures- not only the tangible kind but the intangible- in the form of true love. Nancy writes with passion and Southern charm. Add Sweet Tea and Secrets to your bookshelf. You'll be glad you did.

I'm not only a co-writer with Nancy for inkBLOT, I'm also a big fan of her writing and her as a person. The personality that comes through in her writing style is genuine and sincere. She's as sweet as the tea she likes to drink. (and write about)

Tracy March said...

Hi Nan!

I don't know how you do it all! You are amazing--able to juggle so much and make everything turn out wonderful.

I love Sweet Tea and Secrets and Adams Grove. I hope everyone will take time to read it--and relax!

Nancy Naigle said...

Thank you for stopping in Tracy and Phyllis! I appreciate your kind words...more than you can know.

Hugs and happy reading~

BTW--I love this west coast clock they've got on this blog. It looks like we've been up with the roosters and plucking away...while I was still really hugging a pillow hahah.

Okay---that's just too funny. The word verification for this blog...it's got TEA in it. Talk about synchronicity!!

E. Ayers said...

I really don't know how you do it, but I totally understand hiding from the kids. We all need time alone. Now, I hide from the phone. (Chances are, it's the kids. LOL)

Congrats on being in the top 100. Hope you see #1.

Sweet Tea conjures up all sorts of images and memories. I look forward to reading it. Got to go get my copy and link it to FB.

Best to luck! Break a pen.

Renee Vincent said...

So proud of you and your success, Nancy! Hoping that it continues for you, sweetie!

Shanon Grey said...

And I thought I was the only one. LOL. Like everyone else, I'm busier than is probably good for my "balance." I only have a shower, so reading is pretty difficult. But I find time, usually late at night, to slow down with a book. Even a fast paced romantic suspense will do the trick. Sweet Tea and Secrets was the one on my nightstand most recently. Worked wonders. Can't wait for the next. Nancy, I am so glad you decided to add writing to your oh so busy schedule. Thank you.

Leah St. James said...

Nancy - Great advice about seeking balance. And I love the story about your mom taking a break in the back of the pick-up truck! (Note to self: Get a pickup!) :-) I'm with you, my favorite way to relax, even for a few minutes, is to grab a good novel. Can't wait to read Sweet Tea and Secrets!

Grace Greene said...

Hi, Nancy - Excellent post. Balance is so elusive. Everytime I think I've got it, it slips away again. Maybe the best I can hope for is to find that balance from time to time!

Nancy Naigle said...

Thanks for stopping by....deep breath....relax....and I think we have a majority that's planning to read a good book to escape.



Hugs and happy reading,

Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks for coming over Nancy and to our visitors, hope you enjoyed her sweet post. Good luck to the winner!

Inspired Kathy said...

If you get your Freedom Giveaway post up please email me so I can readd you to the linky.

marybelle said...

SWEET TEA AND SECRETS looks like a wonderful read.