June 1, 2011

Splash into Summer Winner

This month's giveaway had almost two hundred entries which tells me A) everyone gets excited about free reads, B) people are addicted to shopping at Amazon.com, or C) I have an amazing and interesting blog. I'm going to go with "B."

The randomly generated winner of the Splash into Summer prize is SherryS.

Congratulations to SherryS for winning this month's copy of TURTLE SOUP and a $25 gift certificate from Amazon.com. Huzzah for you! Thank you to all of my new followers who clicked on board and for your double entries, too. I hope you enjoy The Privateer Newsletter I send out every month.

It's warm, it's sunny, it's summertime…almost! It sure feels right around the corner in central Georgia. Amidst all of the weather tragedies this season, the past Memorial Day weekend was a great time for friends and family to get together and spend quality time remembering our fallen heroes. In our country that usually includes eating. Yes we did the burger thing, too. For three days.

This because along with Memorial Day, our second son graduated from high school. It was a wonderful moment for a young man who embraced music and himself to fight his way through an education system which isn't always ADHD friendly, among other things.That's my proud boy below:

Congratulations to all graduates this month. We're counting on you!

If you like free stuff, you'll want to check out the web's June Annual Summer Treasure Hunt and its daily prizes. I'll be giving away books on June 4th you can win just by visiting my website. Find out more here or click my magic little treasure box.

~Danielle Thorne

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