July 12, 2011


It's time for another favorite of mine, and this week it's FOLEX, a miracle spot cleaning solution for carpets. I discovered FOLEX many years ago after one of my kids dumped a volcano kit on the floor, and all the gray powder poofed throughout the room, landing permanently in the white Berber carpet. Not a great memory.

FOLEX is a part of my weekly cleaning routine. After vacuuming and making note of any spots, I walk around and spray, rub my finger, and then blot, any stains in my carpet. It takes out virtually everything, from dirt, grease stains, food spatters, magic marker, toothpaste and more. What I love most, is it's not foamy, just a simple liquid. You don't need sponges or towels, just your finger. It doesn't lighten the carpet either. It's amazing stuff, and I can't live it without it. 

Recently, Wally World quit carrying FOLEX so I had to hunt it down online. They don't sell their product on their website, but it is still available at Home Depot and other home maintenance stores. Lucky for me! 

I've only had one stain that FOLEX couldn't clean up completely: volcanic ash.       
You might want to make note of that if you live with any mad scientists.

~Danielle Thorne

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