June 20, 2013

Favs: Frozen Yogurt

I think summer is here to stay in Georgia, so I'm passing along one of my family's favorite evening snacks, and that's frozen yogurt. These days, yogurt has matured. It comes in wonderful flavors. It comes in wonderful forms. We love frozen yogurt! It truly tastes like real ice cream, even better, if you get the right brand. 

We keep Kemps and the Publix brands in our freezer. It usually cost less than ice cream, and it has much less fat. Like, I mean, much. Forget eighteen grams of fat or more for a tiny half cup of ice cream. Frozen yogurt can run as low as three to five grams of fat. It's so sweet and wonderfully delicious, a small dish of it totally satisfies.

My favorite brand is the Publix frozen yogurt in the trendy black cartons. On sale I can purchase two cartons for about $7, which is far less than most brands of ice cream. And Publix offers several unique flavors that are amazing. My favorite is the Key Lime Pie. Most interesting is the Road Runner Raspberry (white chocolate yogurt, dark chocolate chips and a raspberry swirl). They also have a Moose Tracks version (oh, yeah) and some other chocolate varieties. 

Kemps is another good brand we enjoy. My better half swears that their cookies and cream tastes more like ice cream than …cookies and cream ice cream. I like the brownie. It's smooth and rich. I often find coupons in the paper for Kemps, so do your homework. 

If you're looking for salvation from all of the 4th of July sweets coming your way this summer, try a carton of frozen yogurt. You'll be surprised how far yogurt has come these days, and you won't have to feel guilty for having a treat!

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Joseph Carr said...

It looks so delicious in the pictures, and I'm sure it would taste even more so in real life. Frozen yogurt is, indeed, the perfect treat during the summer. They're healthy and tasty! =)