November 2, 2011

My Halloween Mischief

Congratulations to "Julie" --this month's winner of my book giveaway. Thanks for joining us at the Monster Mash. Stayed tuned for more seasonal contests.


If you celebrated, how was your Halloween? My crowd made our way to our yearly haunt at Georgia's Swansbrough Manor.  Featuring a spook-filled cemetery, creepy church, swampy ol' bayou, and two pirate ships, our wonderful friends include us every year by allowing us to take part in the action. Hundreds of visitors attended this past weekend's celebration and toured the haunted grounds. Several incriminating photos have circulated around Facebook, so I'm sharing them here just for you. (Thanks to Dawn W. for the pictures.)

A sleepy pirate guards treasure within the Black Pearl.

This poor fellow is locked up in the hold.

A sneaky little stick man danced around the cemetery all night long.

By day, the Black Pearl juts out of the manor's right wing with the cemetery in the foreground.

Yours Truly minding the bayou as a voodoo witch.

I wish I had the room to post all of the pictures taken by friends and visitors, from the cemetery to the church, to Davy Jones' Flying Dutchman. It was a wonderful, fun-filled Halloween once more for our community. You can check out more pictures and video at the manor's website:  

Take care and enjoy the candy. The holidays have just begun!

~Danielle Thorne

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Dawn! said...

I love how you write "allowed us to take part...". I was under the impression that we press-ganged your crew into ours! ;-) Thanks again to you, Rob and the boys for making Swanbrough Manor a hit. Steve, the girls and I feel very blessed to have you in our lives.