November 18, 2011

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This week I had a lovely Fav post on my favorite household appliance, my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I decided to hold off on that last night, when I remembered my newsletter was going out this weekend. Today, check out what I've been up to and what's going on in the publishing world. I'm featuring a copy of my November author newsletter just for you, and hope you will subscribe to this monthly update by signing up at:

I've been languishing at just under a hundred subscribers all year long, so come join the fun. You'll have to check out the lame joke at the bottom. After all the writing and research I do every month, for some reason everyone seems to enjoy the jokes the most. Whatever works for you!

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November 2011

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I hope everyone has enjoyed late 2011 and have big plans for the holidays. I
know big doesn't necessarily mean expensive -- there are many creative ideas out
there that bring happiness to others and don't cost a dime. If you haven't heard
about the new sharing site, Pinterest, I strongly encourage you to check out
this great place for awesome inspiration about every topic imaginable. I've
already tried new recipes, hairstyles, and makeup. There are a few craft items
I'm going to try for gift giving this year, too. You can check out my Pinterest
boards at:

In writing news, this month was my scheduled time to work on edits for my
February release, DEATH CHEATER. It's helped that my other editing assignments
have been trimmed down, because I've had a few weeks to breathe. Unfortunately,
things don't always run on the schedules we expect -- I haven't seen any editing
rounds for DEATH CHEATER yet, but there's no use worrying about things beyond
our control. I'm excited about this new paranormal. I hope you will be, too.
Here's a short excerpt:


A low rumble echoed around me, and the tall, dark trees went still. Not even a
leaf stirred. My heart hummed, and a tingle of apprehension made my palms damp.
A snarl came from the shadow of a tangled thorn bush, and soft, padding
footsteps shuffled in the darkness. Maybe it was a raccoon or an angry squirrel.
My breathing went ragged with fear.

Athena, whispered a soft voice.

Whipping around, I stared hard into the gloom. It sounded gentle, but at the
same time it sent chills up my arms. I glanced up through the hooded canopy of
tree branches and tried to see heaven.


There was a growl, and the terror I'd been holding at bay zipped up my spine
into my skull. I was sure my long hair stood on end, like when kids touched the
electrostatic generator at the science museum. Something was coming for me, and
it wasn't from these woods. It'd been following me all day. Maybe even my entire

Whew! I'm looking forward to making Athena's paranormal journey through high
school a series. Keep on the lookout for more news to come. Meanwhile, if you
celebrate Thanksgiving, have a wonderful day with family and friends. If you're
in need of some festive recipe ideas, watch and follow my blog for some of my
best ideas!

Move over, i-Pad, the Kindle Fire tablet is here for $199. While many bloggers
caution not to compare the two, it's hard not to get excited about a new option
that costs less and does more. The Kindle Fire is the hot new tablet, and it
seems to me there's a lot to be excited about. It's lighter and just a bit
smaller than the i-Pad. Besides the standard games, music and book software,
there's access to the Amazon marketplace and unlimited television shows and
movies for a fee. The Kindle Fire also offers cloud storage. If it seems too
good to be true, we'll just have to wait and see. The best result of this
competition for Apple and other tablet makers is, in my opinion, that prices for
such electronic accessories will continue to fall, making technology affordable
for more people who desire it.

Commas seem to cause a lot of confusion when there are more than one involved.
In general, we use additional commas when we list items in a series. The big
question often is, do you use one for the next -to-last item or not? As in,
before the conjunction?

This is done differently depending on whether your work is non-fiction or
fiction. Again, a quirk of having two style guides -- the A.P. and the Chicago
Manuel of Style.

For fiction writing, always use a comma with your next-to-last item:
"I saw planes, trains, and automobiles.
For article writing, leave the comma out:
"I saw planes, trains and automobiles."
This rule applies to three or more in a series. Not a pair. 

Author: Charles Frazier
Disclaimer: I received no compensation for reviewing this novel.

Charles Frazier's COLD MOUNTAIN is a success, not because of the screenplay that
adapted to it to film, but because it sets a standard on par with the great
American novel. It does not compel the reader to toss pages like coins, nor does
it use suspense or erotica to entice delving for more. It simply does what great
literature does: leads your mind and heart on an odyssey into the lives of
simple characters with universal, complex issues.

There is no simpler story line than that of love and devotion between parent and
child, between two hearts melded together at first glance or of friendship. COLD
MOUNTAIN brings this recognizable plot into an environment cultivated by war and
bloodshed, compassion, trust and forgiveness. It is Frazier's ability to bring
it forward in these new clothes and his poetic sense of description and
structure that lure us into a poignant deja vu we recognize as the chapters
pass. We all have loved and lost. We all have been touched by the handiwork of

COLD MOUNTAIN should be set down from time to time while being read. It was
never meant to peruse and scan idly. This book will provoke thought and
recollection. It echoes timeless lessons from the heavens by reminding one of
the ties between deity and nature and opposing forces of the good and the evil,
which battle not only around us but within the darkest canyons of our hearts.

The beauty with which Frazier narrates this Appalachian journey is as if falling
headlong into a poem, Frost perhaps, and then trailing off somewhere alongside a
stream to ponder for a season its significance. It is the standard by which all
future literature will be judged by anyone who has the ability to grasp the
genius of its composition. May it be ravished by romantics, enjoyed by
historians, studied by writers and treasured for what it truly is: gifted

1 cup sugar
1 cup of canned pumpkin pie filling
1/3 cup of vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 cup chopped nuts, if desired

Lightly mix all ingredients and spread in a well-greased bread machine pan. Bake
on Quick Bread or Cake setting. *One of my favorites!*


WINNING MR. WRONG by Marie Higgins

LAST RESORT by B.J. Robinson

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