December 14, 2011

Favs: My Suckin' Vacuum

Time for another Favorites post before we hit the holiday rush. (Of course, most of us are already rushing!) If you're looking to win some free books or Amazon bucks this season, make sure and join The Sweetest Romance Authors at their holiday chat on Monday, December 19th, at the Coffee Time Romance Boards. Register early and join the site, then pick up some clean, award winning fiction by some of the sweetest authors around. I'll be there and offering up copies of my Jane Austen-inspired Regency, JOSETTE, along with an Amazon gift card.

Now, if that's not enough, The Balanced Writer will be hopping with the Mid Winter's Eve Blog Hop on Wednesday next, so stop back here and enter to win some more goodies. 

Now, about my vacuum...

It may sound crazy, but I'm in love with my Dyson vacuum cleaner. Actually, I've two. Not because one quit working, but because I needed something a bit smaller when my back went out a few years ago. I keep my larger DC33 model Dyson in the basement, where it works better on the thick carpet. The kids usually have that chore since that floor is their domain. Both Dysons have superior sucking power and really keep my carpets clean. I should know, I'm anal about carpet care because we've moved so much. Remember my carpet spot cleaning post last year? I may be the Closet Clutter Queen, but my floors are in good shape, even with five men in the house.

The smaller unit, my DC24 model, does the rest of the house--the stairs, the laminate flooring and the hardwood. It also has a nice long hose that yanks easily out and reaches creepy crawly bugs on the ceiling. This year, I had an enormous Palmetto bug on my bedroom ceiling. 'Palmetto Bug' is a fancy Southern name for a giant cockroach. I mean, Amazon-size. After failing to hinder its existence with wasp spray, my kids finally had the bright idea as it ran around the room and I jumped up and down and screamed, to take the Dyson to it. It sucked it up like a tater chip. No problem.

The DC24 model is the pivoting ball vacuum that turns easily around corners and such. I had a hard time the first few times I used it because it's an awkward motion to get used to, but I love it now. It does have a smaller head so it may seem to take longer to clean a large room, but it's worth it. It's easy on my back, too, which can't take a lot of pulling or twisting. I recommend this model to anyone who has back issues or just wants something light.

The best thing about the Dysons? I got them for a killer deal, both online and refurbished from the company. I still get sticker shock when I see them marked up at $500 or more when I'm out and about. Despite not being 'off the shelf,' I've never had the slightest problem with either model. My original Dyson is around ten years old and almost like new. You can't find vacs made like that anymore!

~Danielle Thorne

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Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Danielle,
An interesting post about the vacuum cleaners. I like that it can suck a bug off the ceiling like it was a potato chip. LOL

Rebecca said...

Hi Danielle,

I regularly use myvacuum to suck up moths or other flying bugs in the house. Much neater than bug spray or trying to catch them without making a bigger mess! Love those vacuums!

Enjoyed the post!