March 23, 2012

And the Giveaway Winner is...

I don't know why I think this picture is funny, but I do.

Congrats to Tamar W for winning this month's Lucky Leprechuan giveaway, and a big thank you to for providing a true random number generator. Throwing over a hundred names or more into a hat takes a looong time.

Tamar W, your $10 Amazon gift card is on the way, along with a copy of DEATH CHEATER. I hope you enjoy!

Have you read "the" book? This weekend I was looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games movie with a friend, but I've just returned from the theater ticket-less. Yup, everyone will be out to the movies this weekend except for slackers like me who didn't camp out for tickets, but that's what I get for not caring enough. Luckily, there are books and plenty of TV to catch up on, and I can do that without any crowds. 

So whether you're off to the movies or plan on a quiet weekend, I hope it's wonderful. Next week I will be spotlighting a Native American author who's interesting life and recent tragedy caught my attention. I hope you'll stop by.

~Danielle Thorne

**With over five hundred now following The Balanced Writer, giveaways will now run monthly as opposed to quarterly. I'll be featuring free books and occasional prizes along with my droll posts on the day to day living of an author and editor in the ebook business. 
Stay tuned!**

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