April 10, 2012

Favs Post & Book Giveaway

This week's Fav post is about my favorite sleep tool: Mid Nite melatonin tablets. I know, I know, I used to say melatonin didn't work for me either. I pretty much haven't had a regular sleep schedule since before puberty. The majority of early morning hours in my lifetime have been spent staring at the ceiling while I worried about everyone else's problems, redecorated the house, landscaped the garden or decorated for the next Halloween--all in my head. I've been known to outline entire novels in six hours of darkness while everyone else around me lay sleeping. Such is the curse of an insomniac.

Probably all of my sleep problems could be solved by a visit to the doctor's office and a strong prescription, but I always hesitate to cross that line as over-the-counter sleep meds have never worked, and I already see my doctor often enough due to back issues. Living with a lack of sleep is something my family has learned to work around. Mom stays up late and doesn't get up early. Since trying Mid Nite last fall though, things have definitely improved. 

The difference between these melatonin tables and others seems to be that they are also laced with chamomile, lemon balm and lavender. I do have to take two to get to sleep within two hours, and some nights are better than others, but on a whole they work pretty well. I once had to take an antihistamine before bed and still took the melatonin. I don't recommend that. I did fall asleep pretty fast but didn't feel quite right. It's common sense not to mix medications, so be careful if you take anything else before bed. You do want to wake up after all.

If you have problems sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night, I highly recommend giving Mid Nite a try. They melt in your mouth and can be kept right at your bedside. The best part is, you won't feel sluggish in the morning.

Giveaway Time!

This month there will be two giveaways, and today's freebie is an e-book Inspirational romance with mystery and superstition--B.J. Robinson's SOUTHERN SUPERSTITIONS. 

I read and enjoyed Ms. Robinson's last novel, LAST RESORT, set in Florida and the strawberry farming community. This new novel promises to be as entertaining and reflective as her first.

To win a copy of SOUTHERN SUPERSTITIONS, simply comment on this post and leave an email address where you can be contacted. 


More about BJ Robinson:
BJ Robinson, a former newspaper columnist and an award-wining author, has numerous poems, articles, short stories, essay and devotionals published. Her article "Honoring God's Calling" was published in the Fall 2010 edition of Together. Published devotionals include two with MustardSeed Ministries, seven with Standard Publishing in the Spring of 2010, and one in words to Write By: Author Devotionals compiled by Robin Bayne. Another will be published in 2011 in Hurray God! In college, her short story won first prize and was published in the university's literary magazine, and her first college essay was published. In the third grade, her pet story was published in a local newspaper. "Mother's Glimpse of Heaven" was published in FATE Magazine in 2002. "POD Publishing: What's to Gain?" was published in Christian Fiction Online Magazine in March 2009. A short story was published in Pebble Lake Review in the Summer of 2004. She won a trophy for First Runner Up in a Florida Writer's Association contest in 2002. When she's not writing, she's reading and reviewing books on her blog. Barbara lives in Florida with her husband, cocker spaniel, golden retriever, and cat, blessed with sons, daughters, grandchildren and faith.


B. J. Robinson said...

Danielle, thanks for posting about my newest novel. I've had both men and women who've enjoyed it. Also, thanks for reading my novel Last Resort and editing it, too :) Be blessed. BJ

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about this book,I googled it and it sounds like a very interesting read. I'm looking forward to reading it, hope I can win!


Tasha Turner said...

Book sounds interesting.

Glad you are getting sleep.

Jess said...

Hope you manage to get into a routine. The days are so much longer when you don't have a decent rest. Finding an over the counter option is always better than having to take a strong prescription only version.
Hope it keeps working for you :)

Andrea I said...

Count me in. The book looks interesting. I'm up an hour before my alarm goes off. I have my own sleep problems. Hope this sleep aid keeps working for you.


searching4princecharming said...

Thanks for posting about the book! It looks really interesting and sounds like a great read!


M.M. Roethig said...

Thank you for posting about this give-a-way. I'm always looking for great book recommendations! (And I hope the sleep schedule works its self out:D)

B. J. Robinson said...

Hi ladies, I'm glad you find the book interesting. Good luck on winning and thanks for visiting and commenting. Nice to meet you. Blessings, BJ