May 15, 2012

Fish & Books

Last year I met my 2010 resolution to abstain from all seafood in order to show my concern for overfishing and other unsafe environmental fishing practices in the U.S. I'll be honest; this wasn't too difficult because I'm not crazy about fish--eating them anyway. 

Did you know studies show many of the fish we order at restaurants are not the species listed on the menu? Did you know that commercial overfishing along with ocean pollution has decimated populations of sustainable sea life? As a certified scuba diver, I can tell you that I have witnessed some of our empty reefs and ocean waters. Eating with wisdom is just as important as eating healthy. 

It's indisputable that fish is good for you, and I know that's the best place I can get my Omega-3 oils so I am back off the wagon this year. Safe fishing practices and focusing on eating fish that currently have a healthy population is the smart way to go. The general rule of thumb recognizes that smaller fish are more sustainable than the larger species. This year, environmental groups and research suggest that these fish are "in":

Alaska King Crab, Anchovies, Arctic Char, Barramundi, Bluefish, Catfish (farmed), Clams, Crab: Blue, Dungeness, King. Crawfish, Dogfish Hake Halibut (Pacific), Herring (Atlantic), Mackerel: Atlantic, Spanish, Mussels (Black, Green-lipped). Octopus (Pacific), Oysters (farmed), Pacific Black Cod (Sablefish), Pacific Cod (pot or jig caught), Pollack (Alaska), Prawns (trap-caught, Pacific), Rock Lobster (Australian), Salmon (Wild Alaskan), Salmon, Sockeye (Canada), Sardines (Pacific), Scallops (Bay - farmed), Shrimp (US farmed), Squid (Pacific), Striped Bass (hybrid), Sturgeon (farmed), Tilapia (farmed), Tuna: Pacific Albacore and Uni (Sea Urchin).

Being a couponer, I recently had the chance to try some of Gordon's Skillet Crisp Tilapia. Although I generally avoid commercial fishing companies' products because of their trawling and other environmentally damaging methods, I have to admit that it was the first time I actually really liked tilapia. So... I guess my next challenge is to learn how to cook fish properly so I can buy it from responsible, sustainable fish suppliers.

Summer is just around the corner, so enjoy some lean, healthy fish on the grill. Just know what you're eating and where it comes from! 


First to Comment, First to Win

In other seafaring news, (in a way,) last month author MaryFremont Schoenecker gave me a copy of her Maine Shore Chronicles series, PROMISE KEEPER. Because it was third in the series and I was behind, I had a little trouble getting into it, but Mary has a beautiful voice. I loved the ambiance of her Maine shore community setting. I recommend the Maine Shore Chronicles if you enjoy cozy mysteries and a large familial cast. 

Here's my review:

Paul Fontaine has been shot, and the woman he loves may be involved. Mary Freemont Schoenecker's next edition in the Main Shore Chronicles features Paul and his quirky family trying to sort out their personal lives as illness and marriage plans overwhelm them all. Luckily for Paul, his Tante Margaret is able to harness her psychic abilities to help him face the truth as he journeys to Florida in search of a stolen painting.

Mary Freemont Schoenecker has created characters as comfortable as the company of old friends. Paul is as emotionally fragile as his ailing father back at home, as he must come to grips with whether or not his beloved Suzanne is involved in an art heist. He is underwhelmed by the officials investigating the case, but his passion for both truth and love carry him through. Along the way we meet a colorful, spry Floridian ensemble, ready to keep him comfortable until he is ready to return home again.

I did not read the first installments of this series, and I wish I had. The Maine shore and its accompanying culture and heritage make for a beautiful setting. The mysterious art world heist kept me fascinated as I got to know the extended Fontaine family. Sharing Paul's crime solving journey was an enjoyable ride into the Keys and hurricane season.

If you would like my pristine copy of PROMISE KEEPER, comment on this post, and I will ship you the edition. You may find that you're a new Mary Schoenecker fan.


Lisa And Randy said...

A very interesting post. I would love to read this novel. Thanks so much.

Danielle Thorne said...

Hi Lisa. Please post me your email addy and I will contact you mail you the book. Thanks!

wanda f said...

Congrats !!