May 29, 2012

It's "Fun 2B Frugal"

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Occasionally I like to interview people who inspire me or just help me find ways to balance life. Today I am sharing an interview with Rudy R; a couponing expert and blog owner of Fun 2B Frugal who taught me how knock my grocery bill from over $200 a week to an average of $70. You don't have to be a genius to save money, and it doesn't have to take up all of your time. Rudy taught me how study sale flyers and how to collect and use coupons. My children now call me "one of those crazy coupon ladies" and do not go to the store with me. Which saves me even more money. Ha!

Hi, Rudy. Thanks for taking time out from your frugal blog and business to spend time at The Balanced Writer. What first perked your interested in couponing?
What first perked my interest in couponing was hearing ladies at church talk about how much money they were saving. Then I saw an episode on Oprah that really got my attention. It was then I decided to learn how to do it.

How did you learn?
I learned how to coupon mostly on my own. I googled questions and read several different blogs, but most of what I learned was by trial and error. I think it was the best way for me.

Did you get a lot of support?
When I first started couponing, I think my husband was skeptical. Even after a few trips of saving nearly $100 he still wasn't seeing the big deal. It wasn't until he physically went with me on a trip that he saw the savings and the amount of products we were getting for our money.

Rudy R from Fun 2B Frugal
What kind of impact has it made on your living circumstances?
I don't take up an entire guest bedroom or garage, if that's what you mean! However, now when I shave I don't keep my razor until it's absolutely unbearable to shave with anymore! I change it very often. I also fill up my guest bedroom and bathroom with lots of goodies so when our guests come they feel like they are in a hotel, only they get full sized products!

You have lucky guests! Tell us about Fun 2B Frugal, the website.
Fun 2B Frugal is a site designed to help people in many different ways. First it shows people how to change their normal way of thinking and grocery shopping. It shows them how to fully take advantage of sale cycles and add coupons to get the best deal. When you learn how to coupon the right way, you can cut your weekly grocery bill 50 to 90%.

I know after taking your class, my grocery bill dropped an average of 70%. I have lots of food in storage, too. You're on Facebook, right?
We are on Facebook! Most people these days check their Facebook frequently throughout the day. When you "like" Fun 2B Frugal on Facebook, you can stay updated on all the current posts.

I follow Fun 2B Frugal on Facebook and catch deals I use almost daily. Now, I understand you offer classes regularly, even online?
I do offer classes, and they are fun! I am currently working on online classes, however, at this time I only offer the traditional class. If you are interested in hosting a class, you can contact me through 
What's the best way folks can take advantage of your website?
The best way to take advantage of my website is to check it every day! So many different deals come out daily, and believe me, you don't want to miss a hot deal! Also, check out the coupon database. 

If you want to start out slow, just type in a few products to see if a coupon pops up for them. Then you can have your coupons in hand when you go to the store. The coupon database is key to finding coupons when you're not sure where they are.

Next, sign up for all the freebies I post, most of the time they come with coupons! Enter the monthly giveaway, and sometimes there might be a weekly special giveaway.

Also, sign up for the newsletter to get reminders and deals delivered to your inbox for free!

I'm all signed up for your newsletter. Love it. Okay, last question. What's your funniest ever coupon story?
My funniest coupon story. It would have to be when I was filming a video for the site at Dollar General. I was showing the clearance deals and telling people they can add coupons to clearance to save 90% or more. I picked up a bottle of Purex Fabric Softener, gave the clearance price, added the coupon to it, then when I gave the final price I realized it would only be $0.12! It just hit me what a good deal it was as I was saying it, and I dropped the bottle in excitement! I had just emptied my last bottle of softener that morning, so I was overly excited! We didn't show all that on camera, but maybe next time I will!

That would be my luck! Just .12 for a bottle of anything is super!

Rudy's Recommended Links?
The links that I recommend are:! What else!?!

Thanks for coming by Rudy, and good luck with your coupon business. Thanks for the tips!


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Charity Bradford said...

Awesome! Who doesn't love a good deal? Thanks for the information, I'm heading over to follow fun2bfrugal when I leave here.

I'm an old follower here. You can contact me at

Gail Pallotta said...

What an interesting blog. Saving money is ALWAYS a good thing for me. I need to learn more about coupons. I'm big on sales. I related to your story in the Dollar General Store. I once was in a department store. When they added up the freebies for me that day, I got a pair of capri length jeans for my daughter for free. It's a great feeling.

Aimee said...

Sweet! Thanks for the chance to win. I'm heading off to check out the website now. I'd love to learn more about using coupons.
brandonaimee at gmail dot com

April Alvey said...

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This is wonderful THANK YOU.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks this is a GREAT offer!!!!

Diane Craver said...

Great information, ladies! My daughter April is great at using coupons but I only clip a few out of the Sunday paper to use. I need to do more. Dani, that's awesome you've saved your family so much money - loved that your children don't care to go with you to the store now. Taking kids always costs more. LOL

Rudy, I'm heading to your site.

Danielle Thorne said...

Congrats to Entry #2, Gail Pallotta! You've won the Oil of Olay gift bag.

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