August 30, 2012

Favs: Nut Milk?

That's what I thought, the first time I heard of almond milk. Who'd the heck want to put milk squeezed from nuts in their cereal? Turns out, I do. All the time. 

It became painfully obvious years ago I was lactose intolerant and would live a happier life if I avoided dairy products. They didn't have a name for stuff like that when I was a kid, and there weren't a whole lot of other options.

Taking lactose pills to break down the enzymes I can't are expensive, so I'm always looking for alternaive to dairy foods that are healthy and taste great. Enter almond milk. The first swallow I ever took of the stuff was… different. But good. It only took a couple glasses, and I was hooked. This says a lot because I tend to be finicky with new foods and flavors the first time around. 

Almond milk tastes pretty much like milk but with a slightly nutty flavor. It's creamier than milk, and by some divine intervention, has twice the calcium and half the calories. A cup of almond milk has around 60 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. It's packed with vitamins. There are a few different flavors including vanilla and dark chocolate. Yes, c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e. The dark chocolate is a sumptuous treat. I love to drink it after workouts or when I have a sweet tooth. It's very rich. Vanilla almond milk is a great choice if you're tasting it for the first time. It's richer and has more flavor than plain almond milk. Both are awesome on cereal, and I use it for my protein shakes every day. 

I can't say that I have a preference when it comes to brands at the supermarket, but I haven't been disappointed with any companies offering almond milk. Coupons are pretty easy to come by in your Sunday paper, and you can find them sometimes at, too. This dairy alternative is expensive, but when on sale or with a coupon, it can be a few cents cheaper than the regular stuff.

Here's to your health. And mine. Give it a try, it's one of my favs!

Do you have a dairy substitute you really enjoy? Please share.

Stay Balanced!


Nancy kay said...


I'm the same way with Lite Vanilla Soy Milk, use it for everything. It's got lots of calcium and my grandkids even like it! I'll have to try your favorite, Almond. Maybe start with the chocolate!


Danielle Thorne said...

I like Vanilla Soy milk okay. I had a Starbucks guy make me a Vanilla Steamer since I can't have dairy or chocolate or coffee! lol It was pretty good.

Wanda Snow Porter said...

With half the calories and twice the calcium, I'm going to try it. Thanks for the tip.

Danielle Thorne said...

Hope you enjoy it, Wanda. I really have grown to love it and feel better drinking it.