November 1, 2012

Halloween Hangover?

It's the day after. Half of the United States is in a sugar coma. I'm happy to report I only ate two small bite-size Baby Ruths. My chocolate-hating ulcer is happy. My cravings are not.

Click to visit Swansbrough Manor!

Our family had a blast helping out as volunteers at Swansbrough Manor last night. This was our fourth or fifth time (I've lost count), but it's cool to see families coming through having good times together. Traffic was crazy, and there were a few grinches out early, but overall it was another successful year. We have great neighbors and love our community.

Spooktacular Blog Hop Winners

If you joined us and commented for entry into the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop, sponsored by I'm a Reader, Not a Writer and The Diary of a Bookworm, here are the winners.

Much thanks to for their random number generator which makes my life easier. Congrats to the winners, and I'll be in touch ASAP.

First Place; $25 Olive Garden Gift Card: #38 "Renald"

Second Place; Autographed copy of Josette: #34 "Ericka"

Third Place; E-book copy of Death Cheater: #27 "Gayle"

 Have a fabulous fall weekend, and don't forget the time change!

~Danielle Thorne

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