February 28, 2013

Sweet Winter Reads: Paradox

Going home isn't always easy with a rocky past, and that's the idea behind the sweet love story in PARADOX. Lilly Holland mended her rebel ways and grew into a responsible adult and business owner, but from out of the blue her sister calls with shocking news. Lilly must return home to run the family ski lodge while her perfect older sister deals with an arrest warrant nobody saw coming.

Handyman Ric Walker is anxious to help Lilly feel comfortable and keep the family business running, but his feelings for Lilly surprise himself. Ric's faith fits comfortable with Lilly's testimony of her Savior, and together they manage to tackle each obstacle that comes their way. With Lilly's father's blessing, Ric would like to tell her how he feels, but Lilly's made no sign that she feels the same way.

I enjoyed this tender falling head-over-heels story, and how JoAnn Carter writes with no apologies for her characters' faith. Her words are at times quaint, but sweet and sincere, and I could easily relate to the insecurities and doubts Lilly struggled with when it came to her family and religion. I appreciated how she dug deep into our insecurities, and the courage it takes to conquer them. 

PARADOX is an enjoyable Christian romance that's easy to read and get into. It's a nice place to spend an afternoon lost in a winter read.

~Danielle Thorne

 Cover Blurb:
 Lilly Holland’s passion is flowers-not people. All she’s ever dreamed of was a peaceful life surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. The exact opposite of what life is like at the touristy Holland Lodge in the small town of Paradox. So, why does she feel like God is nudging her to go? He, if anyone, should know better than ask this of her.

Ric Walker, Holland Lodge’s grounds keeper, is Lilly’s only link to sanity. His steady presence and strong faith encourages her through this trying situation. However, that sanity is threatened as she realizes her feelings for him are changing into something more, something deeper.Will Lilly learn that Paradox is more than a town’s name, but rather a divine place where God can reveal His power, bring healing, and love, just when she thinks all hope is gone?

About the Author:
JoAnn Carter lives in Vermont with her wonderful husband of 20 years, four children, and their Golden Retriever. In the past she has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse, an apple orchard guide, and as a substitute teacher.The goal of JoAnn's writing ministry is to be a blessing to her readers. She prays that the characters' lives and the lessons they learn throughout the story will strengthen each reader's faith.
To learn more about her books, please visit http://home.comcast.net/~jo.glenncarter/site

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