February 13, 2013

Valentine Tips & Giveaway Winner

*Valentine's Day Tips
*Monthly Giveaway Winner of the Mary Kay Hand Care Set

The holiday of love is just hours away. Have you decided what to get your sweetheart? I think the cool thing about Valentine's Day today is we can give little treats and gifts to anyone we care about--our family, best friends, even our cats if you want to go there.

This week got me thinking about the pressure we put on the boys. Some men really do care about making their sweeties happy and put a lot of thought into something special for Valentine's Day. Others, admittedly, not so much. Either way, I wondered why the girls are always in the spotlight. Talk about pressure! I've never really heard a guy complain about what he got for Valentine's. Are we really that good, or do they just not care?

I asked around a bit and got a few suggestions about what not to get your man for the holiday. For some reasons, most of them included entertainment and the arts. The majority of men do not want tickets to the ballet or Broadway. This makes sense. I'm sure they'd prefer something with a little more testosterone like Monster Truck races or wrestling. You know, things that make women grind their teeth and pull out a nail file.

Online, some of the most desired (and acceptable) gifts include watches, cologne, hand-held electronics, magazines or a special DVD of that movie he never got to see. Need to be frugal? I think the homemade gifts are cute, too, if they come with lots of hugs and kisses. Check out this link to Pinterest for some other good ideas.

 Giveaway Winner of the Mary Kay Hand Care Set

A big, whopping thank you to everyone who participated in this month's easy giveaway. Welcome to all of our new followers. I look forward to hitting 1,000 members and plan to work in two giveaways per month when that time comes. So tell your friends! I hope you'll enjoy keeping tabs on The Balanced Writer.

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