April 18, 2013

"LOL" & Grab Some Free Pens

If you text or spend time on social media, you already know that LOL stands for "laugh out loud" and it's one of the most common acronyms that's been around for a long time. So long in fact, that I feel a little cheesy sometimes when I use it, so I go for the "hahahahaha" run that probably annoys the heck out of people.

Laughing is something that doesn't happen as much as it used to anymore, it seems. Not true laughter, the kind that doubles you over and makes your eyes water. Have we gotten to a point in our lives that we are so busy we only have time to post LOL to express ourselves?

When we smile and laugh, we get a little workout on the outside and an emotional boost on the inside. Steve Wilson, a psychologist and laugh therapist, has declared that we're better off the more we laugh, and that it might be healthier, too. According to science, laughter can increase blood flow, decrease blood sugar, may raise infection-fighting antibodies and help us sleep.(1)

I tend to be a rather serious, sarcastic person who has to work at laughing out loud. Naturally, I'm drawn to funny, high-spirited people who force me to step out of my comfort zone. In other words, some of my closest friends are downright nuts, but they keep me in stitches, and I love them for it.

Now you can't all have goofy friends like mine, who eat platters of refriend beans at Mexican diners before being felt up by the TSA or use Ziplock bags for emergency potty breaks on the road (I'm not naming names), but I'm sure there's more like them out there. Find people who make you laugh and hold them close.
Photo courtesy Roby Ferrari; Flickr

Surrounding ourselves with easy going friends and respectable, good humored media, is a great way to keep our spirits up and change our attitudes when they need adjustments. So remember to look on the sunny side when things get tough, and let loose a few good belly laughs to lighten the mood.

Want to win a handful of autographed pens and postcards from Yours Truly? Comment on today's post with the funniest thing your best friend ever did for you, and you're entered! 
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Charissa said...

My friend in high school always made me laugh. She had a high squeaky voice, but wasn't embarrassed by it. She'd talk at the top of her lungs and say blunt, embarrassing things in crowds, and I couldn't help to laugh out loud at her (it was that, or die of embarrassment).

Danielle Thorne said...

I think everyone needs a good friend that embarrasses us. We learn not to worry about what people think. Most of the time, haha.

Jasmine A. said...

The closest I have to a best friend is probably my younger brother... And believe me brothers can do a lot over the years to embarrass a girl ;)
Its probably a good thing I chose and choose to laugh about it.

Jasmine A.

Anubha said...

My besties are my younger brother and my friend Ankita... these both are total jokers whenever i am sad or depressed they'll definetily come up with something crazy that will surely make me laugh... till they haven't dome anything that has embaraced me or maybe i love them a lot so none of there acts can make me feel embarrassed :)

Danielle Thorne said...

Love it. I had four younger brothers. Your comments remind me of the time I saw my brother wearing one of my shirts at school. He later sold it. He sold everything. Even the sleeping bags in our garage. Still a wheeler and dealer to this day!