May 30, 2013

Great Summer Read

Catch of the Day: 
Southern Contemporary Fun


Cody Ryan gets all the action and adventure she hoped for on her vacation when she's partnered with Special Ops Coast Guard Captain Gage Connor in the annual all-male Loon Lake tournament...

The excitement never quits, for drug dealers hid a stash of uncut diamonds on Gage's borrowed bass boat as the exchange point for smuggled drugs. The Colombians want their diamonds back, and they'll stoop to kidnapping to make it happen.

If you remember in my past interview with author, Petie McCarty, I'm a devoted fan of her style of witty, sexy writing. McCarty uses beautiful settings and exciting story lines to tell a romantic story without explicit, cheek-reddening detail. 
Because I don't have a lot of time to read for pleasure, I was excited to download Catch of the Day for my Kindle. What a great get away! 
Cody Ryan is a strong, determined woman with a lifetime of warm memories of her loving father. Her decision to fish in his favorite fishing tournament leads her to a small, charming town full of quirky and fun characters, not to mention head to head with Coast Guard captain, Gage Connor, who is gorgeous, smart, strong, and stubborn. There's all kinds of intrigue happening at Loon Lake, and the only way these two are going to get together is to tackle all of the challenges side by side, if they can get past their egos.

Catch of the Day is a fun read with plenty of smiles, laughs and "Oh, no!" moments. I liked it almost as much as I did Everglades. Now that I'm ready for another Petie McCarty book, I'm going to suggest that she tackle a take on my favorite reality show, Gator Boys. I would love, love, love to read one of her stories based on gators and the crazy, sexy boys who like to catch them. (Hint! Hint!)

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jude urbanski said...

Petie, I love the sound of your books and have them on my TBR list. Those covers are spectacular too. I wish you well and hope to hang out with you at the Foothills Festival in Albany, KY.