July 11, 2013

July Joy: Amazon Giveaway

Summer is what you make of it. It's a wonderful chance to spend time with family and friends, whether you travel to visit relatives or hit the beach. Theme parks are fun, and there's nothing wrong with a "staycation" in your own hometown visiting parks and museums.

Last week we celebrated the 4th of July and our freedom by grilling out with neighbors during a
Fireworks in the 'burbs.
break in the torrential rains. We blew up some big fireworks then went blueberry picking the next day. It's been a great summer so far. Friends from out West dropped in for a visit to see Atlanta, and my mother made it down from Kentucky to stay a few days. Now, I'm looking forward to the last few weeks before school starts. I haven't been able to read or write as much as I like to, but I've received a few tips about great books coming out soon, and edits are almost complete on my next project, "Cheated." Stay Tuned!


Ready for a summer giveaway? Follow this blog. Next, leave a comment below telling us what you've enjoyed doing most this summer, and win a $25 gift card for Amazon. Snag a few books or something on sale! 
Good luck!

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B. J. Robinson said...

I'm already a follower of your blog. This summer I most enjoyed airboat riding with my mother-in-law and a family barbecue and fireworks on the Fourth of July at our home. We got to see out-of-state friends and had family over. It was fun. Another thing, I've really enjoyed is being able to enjoy the lazy days of summer, put coffee on early every morning, and write without having to rush to get ready and go to work. My most favorite thing about the summer is I retired this summer! Not from writing though. Blessings, BJ Robinson

Cindy A Christiansen said...

Oh, goody! I'm the first to post. Hope that counts for something, Danielle. (lol)
I haven't had much of a chance to write this summer either. But, I bought a Kindle and have been reading more. I've loved it! Husband just got a new job so he doesn't have vacation time so that we can travel so it's always awesome to travel through books.
Much success to you!

Anonymous said...

Reading of course. But to be honest that is true all year long. :-D



Danielle Thorne said...

I think we need some prizes for early birds, don't you?

Congrats on your retirement, BJ. And hooray for a new Kindle, Cindy. I envy anyone who's smart enough to make more time to read!

Ingeborg said...

I'm planning to spend a lot of time with my two little grandsons. My husband and I are planning a few short trips and I'll be doing a lot of reading.


fiftykindsofsmiles said...

So far, I've been enjoying relaxing by the pool while reading Sherlock Holmes. I've also been doing a lot (maybe too much) shopping! I have less hours at work this semester, and I'm not taking classes, so I'm using my free time to read and watch my favorites movies and television shows!


Charissa said...

I've enjoyed my vacation to the Olympic Peninsula--hiking, beach combing, eating yummy food, and being with family. I'm jealous of the blueberries you got to pick. Those are my favorite. (I already follow your blog my email notifications: charstastny@gmail.com)

Sherry said...

Moneys tight this year so I won't be going anywhere this summer. I will go swimming and I will be reading as much as I can or work will let me.
GFC- Sherry S.
Google+ - Sherry Strode
email subscriber
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Tiffany Drew said...

So far what I've enjoyed the most is spending time at my dad's playing badminton and swimming in the pool. I try to bring the kids at least once a week to go swimming and we get some epic badminton tournaments going. Honestly, I could play every day :) I hope you have a great summer too!
Thank you!

GFC: Tiffany Drew

Margay Roberge said...

Staying inside with the air conditioning and a good book, of course!

Nicole Zoltack said...

I've most enjoyed walking to and from the library with my eldest.

Nicole.zoltack at gmail.com

Shirley said...

So far I've had a staycation and it doesn't look like it'll change much from there. My highlights have been to attend an author presentation and meet the author afterwards and going to the street performers festival.

I am a follower.


JackieW said...

The thing that I've enjoyed most this sumer is being able to finish projects I started in the past and didn't have time to finish...like a couple quilts I'm making and reading a large stack of books some of which I started and put down for lack of time to finish them. It feels so good to complete something for once. Ahhhhh

I am a follower

LAWonder said...

I haven't done anything out of the ordinary.
However, next week we will have a family reunion which will be great!

onorman said...

I enjoyed seeing the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest.
O Norman

stefanie gladden said...

i've enjoyed all the cook outs with friends, swimming time, and my beach trips!!


Anonymous said...

Loved wedding dress shopping with my daughters for the youngest' s wedding and . Playing on the beach with daughter and grandson.
nashhall AT aol DOT com

night owl in IL said...

I've enjoyed having relatives come visit from two different states; spending time with my young niece; and reading of course.

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}
I subscribed by email to follow this blog.

Allie M. said...

I'm a follower. So far,my favorite thing has been to spend time with family in our own home. My favorite thing will happen in a few weeks when we go back to my home town to see my family and introduce my baby to everyone I grew up with. :)

Shannon R said...

Just playing outside in the sunshine with my son, he loves the outdoors

fencingromein at hotmail dot com

Anubha said...

My summer was spent preparing for my semester exams but I had fun before that in april- I went for a week long vacation with my family to Gangtok and that was one of my best vacation.
and now as my papers are over I have finally started blogging and reading more :)

Rhonda D said...

I have enjoyed spending time with my kids and watching all their sports! I'm about to leave for another tournament! Woo Hoo!
Rhonda D

Mary Preston said...

I love heading up to the coast for Summer.


Shane R. said...

I follow via GFC: Shane R.

My favorite thing this summer was the early '60s themed cocktail party my boyfriend and I threw.

shangelx at gmail dot com

Brenda Jean Hyde said...

So far this summer my favorite thing has been driving out to Lake Michigan and walking on the piers. We're less than an hour away, and we try to time it so we can stay until sunset before coming home. It's beautiful, and there is almost always a breeze even when it's really hot inland.

Tracey Jane Jackson said...

Summer is my hybernation period. I stay locked up inside, a/c cranked and all drapes shut tight. I am pining for winter...on the flipside, I love hanging out with my kiddos and hubby (inside of course). :)

Pamk said...

loving this summer and am leaving on vacation tomorrow. Looking forward to a cabin by the lake. And maybe going to RWA for the signing on Wednesday. Looking forward to fishing, swimming and reading. follow via GFC or I guess that is bloglovin now.

RW1010 said...
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RW1010 said...

My absolutely most favorite thing to do in the summer is sit in a lounge chair on the beach & read a good novel!! Of course, some Diet Coke on ice, Wheat Thins & Peanut M&M's make it perfect! Nothing better in the whole world!!
Robin in NC
RW620 AT aol DOT com

magic5905 said...

I follow on gfc-magic5905 and email. I read a little this summer but mostly worked. Thanks.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

Gail Pallotta said...

Hi Danielle,

I feel I've had a blessed summer because I've gotten to see friends and family, so it's difficult to say what I enjoyed most. However, the most unique experience was attending a barefoot wedding on the beach. It was beautiful, and we had a great time.
The writing--not as much as I'd like either. It's difficult to get a balance.

Renald said...

We like to go to the beach, swimming ,and tan.

yellowlabdoggy said...

I've been enjoying trying new grilling recipes and enjoying the sunshine!

Miss Mae said...

I'm already a follower. What have I done this summer? Hmmm...have concentrated more on my promotion by concentrating to promote one of my characters. LOL Make sense?

Otherwise, we've done a bit of traveling, but mostly we've had to stay indoors to hide from the continual rain. Still, that's a whole LOT better than the heat and raging fires out west!

Sandra Gail said...

Went on a one week mission with my daughter's church. It was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to a repeat next year. Been watchinhg the grandkids all summer

Jennifer Mathis said...

i have enjoyed hanging out with my children

Amanda Jorjorian said...

I follow your blog via GFC (Amanda Jorjorian). I like to spend time at the beach or gardening in the summer.

Laurean Brooks said...

Whew! I just got my comment in under the wire. The deadline being tonight.

My summer has been full trying to write the last chapter of a current WIP while editing the rest. Just returned from a wonderful trip to Branson.

If any of you get a chance to go, be sure to "Ride The Ducks." It's a wonderful, scenic 75-minute tour of the Ozarks mixed with a bit of local history by the Captain (driver) of the bus-type boat on wheels called the "Duck."

Hang on when the Duck hits the water on Lake Taneycomo. It makes a BIG splash. If you want to get wet, sit in the back. If not, move up a few seats.

My email for the contest: landtbeth@yahoo.com

Marissa A said...

What I've enjoyed most is just taking bits of time to relax more. I'm a college student and I'm taking one course this summer, but it's nice to not have such a big workload :) Thanks for this great giveaway by the way!


Danielle Thorne said...

This contest is closed. Thanks for playing!