August 1, 2013

Favs: Clay Masks and Such

I spent today with blue clay smeared all over my face, imagining my gaping pores shrinking like wool socks. I knew then it was time for a Favorites post. My local Publix has started carrying tubes of Freeman Dead Sea Minerals facial mask, which is as close to a match of the old St. Ives product from the 80's as I've been able to find. 

The Freeman mask goes on smooth and cleans off easily. It smells great and really does make my skin feel soft and clean. I can't say that my pores have magically disappeared, but they do feel toned and appear clearer. With regular use, I hope to find they are less visible. (They're getting wider right along with the rest of me!) 

I originally found this product in a sample pack at Kroger's and liked it so much I've been watching for a larger size. It was just under $4 for a large 6 ounce tube, and it should last a long time. That's a great deal compared to designer brands or visiting a spa.

If you have any favorite pore cleansers or masks, I'd love to hear about them. I've already tried the coconut oil and baking soda home remedy making the rounds on Pinterest, and that worked nice, but my skin broke out a few days afterwards. Clay masks seem to work best with my combination skin type, and besides that, it's fun to look Smurfy for a little while.

Stay Balanced!

~Danielle Thorne


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