August 29, 2014

1 + 1 = 3?

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It's true. I am terrible at math. When it's my turn to work the concession stand during our high school football games, they make me handle the food.  My thirteen-year-old has to help me with Monopoly. At yard sales, I trust I'm being treated with honor. Who am I to argue? I get arithmetic brain freezes.

I used to shudder at the thought of being asked to make change, now with age I've come to think of my handicap as endearing. There's something about everyone that's less than perfect. Instead of sad, we should see our flaws as charming. 

Characters run the gamut from innocent and fun to downright evil. In order to be memorable, however, they have to be charming, too. In literature, even the bad guy can make us cheer -- when nobody's looking. Last year I saw a film that clearly illustrates this: Despicable Me. If you haven't seen the animated movie, I won't ruin for it you, but our main hero is not a nice guy, until the end anyway. His mean antics are kind of funny. He's sick, but not beyond redemption. 

Another beloved cult villain is Hannibal Lector. Don't ask me why on that one. The list goes on. Have you seen The Blacklist? James Spader is one serious psycho, but it's impossible not to like the guy. Who are some of your favorite flawed characters? Come on, tell the truth. Do they do or say things you'd secretly like to give a try? 

But back to reality. Beyond cheering for the not so pure in heart on occasion, we all need to cut ourselves some slack. Not everyone can cook. Not everyone can parallel park. Some of us make better decisions in the wardrobe department, others should not be allowed into Home Depot. It's just life. A few flaws keep us humble and force us to recognize our talents and improve ourselves. When characters do the same, we don't quite feel so alone.  So embrace yourself and your bad math, too.

Stay balanced,
~Danielle Thorne

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