January 2, 2015

Gentlemen Romance Writers


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Gentlemen Romance Writers

From Shakespeare to Nicholas Sparks, the gentleman romance writer is not extinct. This week, please welcome my lovely and genteel guest, Larry Hammersley, who write clean and inspirational romantic fiction. After networking online for several years, we did a book signing together last year in Kentucky. I discovered he was a true humble gentlemen who loves his family, respects others and has a wonderful talent for writing sweet stories. He has become a bit of a running mentor of sorts as I start my second year of running and exercise, and he is a wonderful friend. If you enjoy proper and cozy stories, you'll appreciate his contemporary romances and modern historicals. 

Hi Larry! Thanks for letting me pick your brain. First, please tell us what it's like to be a male romance writer in today's market? 
It isn’t easy.  I feel I need to write stories from the female POV, and I’ve done that with my first accepted novel, A Change of Heart, alternating chapters with the male and female POV.  One of my short stories was exclusively from the female POV (Motorcycle Woman) and I wasn’t sure if I was handling that right.  In both cases the editors didn’t have serious problems with it.

You write clean fiction with sweet romance.  Why?
Larry Hammersley
I don’t feel it is necessary to be explicit with the actions between a man and woman.  Their feelings for one another should be based on something more solid than physical, something that outlasts the passion of the moment.

How do you balance the important things in life with writing? 
I’m still trying to figure out how to do that.  I have no set schedule as to when I write.  When other duties are at a lull I grab the chance to do some writing.  It may be home alone or waiting at a doctor’s office or some other place where I have a long wait.

What was your first novel? 
If you mean the first accepted one it was released early last year: A Change of Heart.  If you mean the first novel I wrote it would be A Tale of Two Asteroids.  A remark was made about that title wondering if it was an intentional pun of the novel A Tale of Two Cities.  Well, it wasn’t and that novel was written probably forty years ago.  I've never done anything with it except submit a portion to a writers conference at Indiana University.

What is the best feedback you’ve ever received? 
That is difficult as there have been so many wonderful and in-depth remarks about my writing from the ladies of our sweet romance group.  When someone remarks about their thoughts on exactly what I mean that is the best I can hope for.  Example? Some years back, with a now defunct local writers’ group, a lady remarked on a section of my motorcycle woman story as being so sad.  That is exactly what I wanted to convey.  It did have a happy ending, and I believe the sadness intensified the happiness at the end.

What are your plans for the future? 
I want to write a novel or novella about a Bible character from the Old Testament: the Shunammite woman from 2 Kings 4 and 2 Kings 8.  She is such a wonderful character.  I also want to find a home for my new science fiction novel, The Silver Dart.  Likewise, I need to revise some of my novels which are gathering dust in a rejected state.  I’ll be continuing in that effort.

Will you share your most recent release? 
That would be my science fiction novel, Higher Mission, which released last year in ebook form from Champagne Books, Burst Books imprint.

Thanks for stopping by, Larry. I wish you the best of luck with your books. I can always count on an uplifting story when I pick up one of your books.

Stay balanced,
~Danielle Thorne

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Larry Hammersley said...

Danielle: Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. Your support has always been a refreshing breeze in this writing and publishing world.

Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks for visiting, Larry. You are a talented, humble author who deserves much success!

Miss Mae said...

Larry writes such sweet, delicate, precious romances, and I love how he can capture the spirit of "vintage" eras. You know, there used to be an old song titled, "Hats Off to Larry". That's exactly how I feel about Larry Hammersley!

Gail Pallotta said...

I recently read Higher Mission and loved being taken to another world. Mr. Hammersley made outer space so real with his knowledge of astronomy. I became involved with his characters and their conflicts. I'll be looking for more from him.

Larry Hammersley said...

Thanks so much, Miss Mae and Gail for your kind remarks. I've always been uplifted by you kind ladies and your precious support. I count it a blessing indeed for meeting all of you via websites, blogs, private emails and groups.

Regina Andrews said...

Great post, Danielle, about a wonderful writer and a true gentleman. Mr. Hammersley has a knack for connecting with a reader's heart and soul. Plus, his story ideas are so fresh! Thanks for the interview and best of everything to you in the new year.

Laurean Brooks said...

Hi Larry. Great interview, Danielle. I've read several of Larry's stories and enjoyed them. I especially like his gift for setting up a scene. Very visual. And his characters (like Regina said above), touch the heart and soul.

As good as his romance stories are, I want to see Larry attempt more Science Fiction stories. I've read a couple of those and all I can say is, WOW!

Larry Hammersley said...

Hi Regina and Laurie: Your remarks are always appreciated and your support of my writing is heart felt, I assure you. I can make the same observations about your writing as well. I need to support your writing more than I do. I'm bogged down in some other matters that are taking their toll on my time and concentration, something I must change. My best to you wonderful ladies.