April 28, 2016

Magical Hippie Oils

Magical hippie oils. That's what my family calls them. Minus the "magical" part. What they are referring to are the essential oils I began to take seriously this new year. I've dabbled in natural oils before, but only found them really useful for cleaning or maybe scenting the air with a nice fragrance. A few months ago, I attended a class to learn more about them and everything changed. The result of my exploration into pure, distilled oils has been life changing. *Cue wind chimes*

Essential oils are nothing more than oil steamed or distilled from plants for health and beauty remedies. Authentic, pure, and potent, they can be ingested just like herbs, but they are far more powerful. The most important thing to understand about using essential oils is that inexpensive oils are legally permitted to label themselves "100% Pure Therapeutic" with as little as 25% actual oil in the product. In other words, if you've picked up a $5 bottle of essential oil and didn't find it that helpful, you were more than likely dealing with a watered down, inadequate version.

Antique set of oils from India

Essential oils can be found almost anywhere these days, but for truly 100% pure oils, you want to look for a bottle that is 100% pure with no fillers or carrier oils (additional oils like jojoba, coconut, or almond) to dilute the power. I suggest a local herb shop or ordering online from exclusive retailers like Doterra or Young Living My favorite brands are the potent Doterra and also Mountain Alternative.

Essential oils work by inhaling them, applying them topically, or ingesting those that are 100% pure and safe to do so. I like to use them on my temples and wrists, as well as rub them onto the bottoms of my feet--the most popular method. The pores in your feet are larger than anywhere else on your body and make the perfect location to rub in an oil so it can travel throughout the rest of your body to reach all of your cells. *Cue burning incense* Oils can improve your mood, emotional issues, and treat your health!

Why are oils so magical? Unlike prescription drugs, oils have the ability to enter a cell. They travel quickly through the body to bring faster relief, and they heal. Oils balance your body so it can help itself, rather than only offering band-aid fixes like OTC medication.  Another cool advantage is one oil can be used for several different issues, so you don't need a medicine cabinet full of drugs for every complaint.

Lemongrass--my new favorite oil for pain
Here is my testimony. I had my "ah-ha!" moment a week this past winter when I treated a sinus infection I had been battling for three months in one week. Then I found a solution that practically solved my 30 years of chronic insomnia. Since then, this is what Doterra and other essential oils have done for me:

My Epic Wins!
  • Allergies. No one in my house had allergy problems this season for the first time in 8 years.
  • Treated sinus infection in one week
  • Treats my chronic insomnia
  • Improves my anxiety
  • Improves my emotional issues
  • Great focusing aid for my studies
  • Treats my gluten and dairy intolerance issues
  • Improves digestion and metabolism
  • Improved my double vision and other eye problems
  • Life saver for burn relief
  • Great bug repellent
  • Great chill pill
  • Helps sore muscles and pain
  • Healed a two month hamstring injury
  • Headache reliever!
  • Skin toner/blemishes

My Epic Fails!
  • One drop of a potent Doterra oil I used in a water bottle to clean cabinets took the paint off my hardware... just by lightly wiping them down! Powerful stuff!
  • OMG. Do not get oils in your eyes. I've learned to put my contacts in before I touch any oils in the morning. Water does not wash off or out essential oils. 
  • There are different blends for headache relief, and I've found that I do not like the scent of cilantro. At all. It actually gave me a headache. I stay with peppermint!
  • One drop of cinnamon oil in a smoothie is too much. I felt like I was choking down a cinnamon stick. Cooking with oils takes practice!
  • The Vetiver story: Vetiver is an oil loved by those with ADD. It's also recommended for sleep. I do not have ADD, and when I touch Vetiver anytime after noon, I do not sleep a wink for 24 hours. I pulled an all-nighter the first time I tried this stimulant. Nope. 

So that's my hippie oil story.  
Learning to use essential oils has changed my life and continues to make me happier, more comfortable, and keep me out of the doctor's office. *Cue yoga mat* Yes, I have joined the Doterra company as a wholesale member to save money on my orders. Yes, they have a typical sales structure that relies on home parties and networking sales. However, it has been worth every penny to order my oils one or two at a time on a monthly basis. They are more expensive than generic brands, but they are strong and only require one drop per use which means they are pennies per drip. The effectiveness of these pure essentials have no competition in my book. I'm a happy hippie oiler. Cheers!

Stay balanced,
~Danielle Thorne

You can try Doterra, too. Visit me here to try your first pure essential oil or ask questions about joining to receive wholesale prices over retail prices. Talk soon!  


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