October 10, 2017

Kindle Short Reads: Do Speed Reads Sell?
Flash fiction is hot. According to some authors and distributors, short stories are popular these days, too, especially on smart phones and tablets. Not everyone has time to read a full length novel during the week, so a short story can be the perfect fit for a long break or short lunch.

Read on to learn how to get my new short story for free...

About two years ago, a Writer's Digest article written by Brian Klems stated that short stories make more money per word when compared to longer books. This makes sense when one considers the time spent writing and editing five pages compared to 150. Another tempting aspect of publishing short fiction is that even at .99 a download, it sells at the same price point as many e-books on sale.

Today, lists super short story categories for readers on the go. By typing "short reads" or "kindle short reads" in the search bar, readers can find books listed as 15 minutes long, 30 minutes long, 45 minutes long, and so on.

At first glance, the majority of short reads are non-fiction books, but there are some literary gems if you narrow your search or browse through the top rankings. One thing I've noticed is that many of the romances are pretty spicy unless you specify "clean romance" in your search. There are hundreds of clean romances for a quick, sweet read.

*New* Kindle Short
This month, I've released the first of my backlist of short stories, and it's available only at Amazon through the rest of the year. Here's the gist:

Stranded with two unlikely suitors on a deserted island, Mia has nothing but a volume of Jane Austen stories for entertainment. It's the only reminder the trio has of civilized society, but can the tattered book help Mia recognize a rogue?

Reading a short story is a great way to discover new authors. I love that Amazon has this feature. While other online bookstores do return results on short stories, I've yet to find speed reads narrowed down into the specific categories that Amazon features. Pretty nifty!

If you would like a free copy of my super short read, According to Jane, comment below with your contact info, and I'll get in touch. 

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Klems, Brian. "9 Ways Writing Short Stories can Pay Off for Writers." Writer's Digest. 7 Jan 2015. Web. 9 Oct 2017.

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