August 20, 2018

None For Me, Thanks.

I've never tasted Turtle Soup, and I hope I never do. 

Forget about eating turtle soup, how about reading Turtle Soup?

This month, I'm excited to show off the fresh new cover for my Atlanta sweet romance, Turtle Soup. It's a romantic comedy πŸ’•πŸ˜†πŸ“š about a jaded marine biologist named Jack, who comes to Georgia to work in the amazing and beautiful, Georgia Aquarium--one of my favorite places to frequent when I'm in the city.

It's smart, crisp, and a little sassy -- both the cover and the couple!

There's only one problem for Jack Brandon. He crosses paths with the straight-talking, overly cheerful, and soup crusader, Sara Hart, who intends to open a deli near the aquarium and feed the masses. When a run-in with Jack inspires her to name her place Turtle Soup, things get a bit... πŸ”₯ hot in the kitchen, you might say.

I mean, she gets like:

"What do you want?" Sara asked Jack, dropping her tone three octaves.

"Nothing. I just came to watch my friend eat."

"Your friend has good taste."

"I'm afraid at the moment he doesn't have any taste at all."

"If you're not hungry, then you can let yourself out. This isn't a library."

"No, you'd have to own a book to call it that."

"I can read, can you?" She pointed to a plaque beside the register that said, "No Whining."

"I'm not whining. I'm leaving."

And then he's like:
        "Right," Jack grinned. "I don't know anything about business."

"I wouldn't expect you to." Sara punched something on the register, held her hand out for the money, and shoved it in the drawer. She let Carly dole out the change. "Why don't you crawl your way back to your tank now?"

"That's funny," Jack said, "ha-ha. I don't know anything about money. I should stick to amphibians—"

"Sharks, sponges, spineless jellyfish," Sara finished. She marched back into her inner sanctum leaving him alone again with her niece.

"Lovely relation you have there," he said.

Well, you have to be there. And it's easy. Turtle Soup is on special at Amazon as an exclusive for just .99. That's less than a cup of ☕ coffee... far less than a burger and fries. Not to mention, you get to  experience a little life in the South and what a scuba dive is all about.

My family has been diving for about 15 years. Good times.

So unpack your suitcase, pull out your autumn soup recipes, and download a fun romance. I love the new cover, and I hope you do, too.

Stay balanced,
~Danielle Thorne~

Did you know?
Sea turtles, in fact, are on the threatened or endangered species lists 🐒, although conservationists have made great strides protecting nests and educating the public in the past decade. Throughout history, especially for sailors during the Age of Sail, turtle soup was a delicacy. πŸ₯£ Not anymore -- and thank goodness!


Mark Noce said...

Yes, got to protect those beautiful turtles:) We see them every time we go to Hawaii:)

Danielle Thorne said...

We get them on the coast along the Florida panhandle, and I've seen them diving in the Caribbean. They are awe-inspiring. ❤