February 14, 2020

We're Snuggling, Not Smuggling!

Hey Ya'll!

It's February! Happy Love and Romance Days. Or Chocolate time. Or, in all seriousness, Happy Black History Month. I hope you're making plans to do something special for the one you love, invest in a bite or two of good chocolate, or pick up a novel by an author of color. Two Georgia romance authors of color I admire are Piper Huguley and Vanessa Riley. Amazing women. Check them out.
How are the winter blues treating you? Are you taking your Vitamin D? This past month, the bi-polar weather made me a little crazy, but the daffodils are up and really cheerful-looking on gray, rainy days. In-between refereeing catfights between Copper and our new cat, Nickel, I've been working on small updates on the house and spring cleaning. I'm actually looking forward to this Valentine's Day because the new remake of Emma will be out next week. I'm already not a fan of the casting, but I'm curious to see what they do with it.
Did you know? The first Valentine's Day was celebrated in the year 496!

From the Writing Desk
It's release time! A Smuggler's Heart (Gentlemen of the Coast Book One) is now available at Amazon. Huzzah! In case we haven't connected on Facebook, you may not know that you can reserve a pre-order copy of this book today at a discount price, and I hope you will. Early pre-orders help my ranking when the book releases, and it helps get me on the search pages. Here's the blurb in case you need a reminder:

"The murky waters of the marsh are treacherous and haunted by smugglers and deserters from the war. There are even whispers the Savannah coast is home to the deadly pirate, Alligator George, but Christine Fryer needs a peaceful escape from her father's disapproving stare.

Captain Nathaniel Butler knows it's time to put his smuggling operation to bed now that the American Revolution is over and won. He just needs to sail one last expedition to pay off his remaining debt, but his plans are threatened by the meddlesome sister of his best friend.

As Savannah society brings a privileged young woman and a man desperate for success together, the marsh will reveal their secrets--and their hearts. Christine will do anything to stop the rogue captain from influencing and ruining her brother, but she never expects the crew of Alligator George is watching and waiting..."

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Ta-Ta for Now

Thanks again for checking in with me. Stay tuned for the big release day for A Smuggler's Heart, and thank you for helping me spread the word!

I appreciate your support—you are literally making my dreams come true.

See you next month,

Danielle Thorne

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