May 8, 2009

If You Want to Make God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans.

Sometimes you only need to tell someone your dreams! Or maybe submit a manuscript to a publisher.I am constantly amazed by other authors I meet and the commitment they have to their work. Many of them work full time outside jobs besides writing novels. They also juggle children or relationships. I constantly lament the few hours of the day that I actually have to write, and I’m a Stay-Home Writer-Mama. Working on a manuscript is a full time job. You have to commit to numbers of pages or word count to get them done. If that means you have to sacrifice something else in your life, make sure you evaluate your priorities. Remember the things that matter most. Housework, reality shows, and pedicures; they aren’t necessary. Your story and your life will go on without them. You sweetheart and the little munchkins running around your feet, the furry little friend who lets you cry on his hairy shoulder, your BFF who is still waiting for you to call, or dear old mom and dad…those are things you will take with you. Dreams are a vital part of our happiness in this sphere, and for writers our novels give us that, but let us not forget-there is something bigger than fairytales and better than alternate universes. Our families. Remember to include those things that matter most in your day planner!


Dr. George said...

Looking forward to reading your book. Hope you sell a gazillion and are able to hire a cook and housekeeper so you can slip away each day and do you know what - write.

I write those self-help books you mentioned as so abundant in ebook form. Most of what is out there only helps the writer's amke money. "Make cash fast and easy." Come on be honest people, "Make cash slow and with lots of hard work." But they do sell and pay the rent.
In my spare time or for a busman's holiday from that I write fiction. I write it mainly for myself and friends who say what all good friends feel they must say, "This is great George; you should publish it some day!"
I admire your balancing so many things and still researching and writing. It is in our blood I guess so in the way all writers are blood buddies. Write on!

Amy said...

You're one of those friends that matter most in my life! Thank you!