April 24, 2009

Live, Write...Market?

So I am swamped with new memberships to writing loops for sharing information about my new release. I’m really happy I was able to find some that cater to G and PG fiction. It seems to be taking a lot longer for everyday fiction in the basic genres to really catch on in the e-book industry. The best sellers and most attention seem to be focused on erotica or non-fiction how-to books.

Promoting a book and getting it out there takes hours a day. I won’t know how successful I am at this marketing game I am until I see my first royalty check. The cruel irony is, I have very little time for actually writing, and with two books on the warmer and one collaboration pending, it’s going to be a crazy year.

How do you balance promo with your writing? I’m assuming once I get off this runaway train I will be able to put a time limit on how many minutes a day I spend on promoting. Whether or not it makes sitting down to write creatively easier or more difficult remains to be seen. As the official homemaker, I have learned to spend less time trying to clean an entire house in one sweep and just concentrate on a few assignments a day. This seems to work for housework, I don’t know if that would work for writing a novel, because if you think about it, there is a large portion of my house ever day that is not fit to be seen! Thank goodness I don’t have to mow the grass.

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Janna Qualman said...

Danielle, I'm so glad to see you on Blogger!

This is one of the things that holds me back, this knowledge of "the next step." If I do make it to publication, my responsibilities will shift to a higher level, where I'm expected to manage all this marketing and deadline stuff, in addition to juggling current projects. Bah!

My best to you. Keep us informed; you can certainly share some wisdom. :)