August 29, 2009

Classic Romance Revival

One of the things I need to help balance my life is great tips from my online contacts. I love it when someone passes news on to me I can really use. I'm very happy for Judah Raine this weekend. She is the owner and inspiration behind Classic Romance Revival--a readers' and authors' group. If you remember, I interviewed her a few weeks ago on this here blog!

This weekend is the pre-game show for the new Classic Romance Revival website. If you enjoy reading classic romance, or writing it, I highly recommend joining the group on Yahoo and checking out the new website:

There's going to be some give-away prizes. I've thrown in a copy of THE PRIVATEER. But that's just for starters. Swing by and check out the site. You may find a great book to read. CRR reviews, too. You can read the review of THE PRIVATEER to get an idea.

Cheers to Judah Raine for her commitment to Classic Romance!

Judah says:

Classic Romance Revival exists to re-establish and grow classic romance as a popular genre in today’s world. With the widening of the Romance “umbrella” to include many different romantic genres, “classic romance” has become something of a “niche” market, although there are still many readers and writers who still subscribe to the traditional romance values. We aim to bring these groups together with publishers of classic romance, to work together to promote the genre by creating a place that specializes in romance that incorporates the traditional while at the same time allowing for the diversity that exists among our members.


Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Danielle

I'm a CRR author myself, and proud of it. I've not been involved with the CRR celebrations as much as I would like, being involved in a lot of other things and 'real life' but I'm really excited about this and will be spreading the word.

LK Hunsaker said...

Danielle, I'm running through to toast other CRR authors with a wish for a fun, productive, successful new start!