March 25, 2010

Spring Things

Ironically, my past weekend consisted of a birth and a death. Last week I was hoping to celebrate the exciting news of my best friend’s baby delivery, but Thursday was a rough day. Saturday looked even gloomier as my teenagers prepared to say good-bye to a church friend who passed away from brain cancer. When my best friend’s little girl was born, she was rushed to another hospital with heart problems, and the day that had started out with so much excitement, ended with worry and concern. My kids, who had made plans to see spend time at the movies with their friends, spent the morning contemplating their own mortality and the special legacy their peer had left to those around him.

In truth, Spring does bring these kinds of events. The cold grip of winter is finally conquered and fades away to be forgotten for a season. Daffodils start poking out of the ground, and suddenly flipflops and shorts are more than appropriate for sixty-five degrees. And all around us, people pass on, leaving family and friends behind as they graduate to a higher sphere. Perhaps the return to warmer weather and greener grass makes it a little easier--more tender and sweet.

I am happy to report my friend’s baby is stable and things are looking up. The child had brought immeasurable joy to her family. My children have made their peace with death this time around. Their friend will always be remembered and missed. Now, ahead, the promise of summer with blue skies and crickets under the moon is just around the corner. And just like that…we carry on.

Wishing you a warm upcoming month with lots of sunshine--



Miss Mae said...

So glad the baby is doing well, and sorry about the friend. Life truly is short, though we don't recognize it sometimes.

Hubby and I were only musing yesterday how the last ten years had flown by. It seems only like last month.

A little scary to ponder what ten years more will bring...and so quickly! :)

(besides more gray hair, yeah, I hear you giggling, Danielle!) *smile*

Cynthia and Bryan said...

Well said :)