April 2, 2010

Visit With My Guest: Stephanie Burkhart Talks Muses and Anthologies

While the author is away, the muse will play.

Welcome Stephanie Burkhart!

I just want to say I'm excited to go on a mini-blog tour in support of the Be Mused Anthology coming out with Desert Breeze Publishing on 1 April 2010. It's got five light-hearted short stories about muses, their writers, and love. My thanks to Dani for having me today and for Judah Raine for putting together this tour through Classic Romance Revival.

"Be Mused" has a great line up of authors – J. Morgan, Katie Charles, Me, Nicole Zoltack, and Sandra Sookoo. The premise of the novel is that a writer is a muse's job. Muses exist on another plane. They relax by going to bars and visiting friends. They go to muse conferences and take vacations.

"Melpomene and Thalia Sittin' in a Tree" is the story by Nicole Zoltack. Krystal has trouble inspiring her writer, Brent Nightly. He likes to write paranormal mysteries. She talks about her problem with Zal, another muse. Krystal and Zal have a "love/hate" relationship. Zal does suggest Krystal's author should go to a writing course and Krystal motivates Brent to attend. When he gets there he meets a famous romance author, Alice Hartman. Can Brent and Alice put their genres aside and find love? Can Krystal and Zal?

--Brent is my husband's name (tee hee).

Here's an excerpt:

Brent waited until the others left, and they were alone. She gathered some papers and retrieved her disk before glancing up and noticing him. "May I help you?"
"Your lecture was wonderful," he said.
Alice flashed him a wide grin. "I'm glad you got a lot out of it."
"Oh, I didn't say that." Wonderful, Brent, are you trying to be an ass?
She blinked a few times and then laughed. "Forgive me. I just assumed and you know what happens then." She closed her briefcase, tucked it beneath one arm, and offered him a hand. He shook it, careful not to hold it too tightly. After all, her hands were half the size of his, even if her fingers were long and slender. Like her legs. He opened his mouth, but nothing came to mind, no clever phrase, nothing, his mind was as blank as a clean Word document.

If you post on the blog today, I'll be picking two names out of a hat to win an autographed postcard with the "Be Mused" cover on it, signed by me.

I'll also be offering a grand prize gift bag of "Be Mused" products including a coffee mug, mouse pad, magnet, and autographed postcard to my blog tour winner. In order to qualify for the prize, you have to post on all the blogs in the tour. The prize winner will be announced on 10 April. (I go on vacation from 4-9 April)

"Be Mused" will be available in e-book format at the Desert Breeze Website, All Romance e-Books, and on Amazon for the Kindle 1 APRIL 2010.

Desert Breeze: http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-73/Be-Mused--dsh--%3Ci%3EAn/Detail.bok


Thanks for coming by, Steph. I don't know about everyone else but I'm excited for the new anthology as I've just finished another great Desert Breeze book this month, "Crucifying Angel." (Watch for my review in next month's
The Privateer Newsletter.

Great authors, great publishing company, and I'm sure, a great anthology. Best of luck to our commenting guests for the drawing. And best of luck to you, Steph!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Stephenie. I really enjoyed your post and the excerpt was really attention-grabbing.

Miss Mae said...

So if he didn't "get a lot out of it", how did he think it was "wonderful"? LOL Gotta love that! :)

This sounds so clever. Wishing you much success, Stephanie. :)

StephB said...

Thanks so much for having me today.

The anothology was a bunch of fun and the muses really drove the stories. hehe. Miss Mae, you know men - the man mind is full of contridictions.


Danielle Thorne said...

You welcome, Steph. I hope you get lots of readers for the new anthology. It sounds fun--great for some summer reading.

Kelly said...

This looks like a really neat book. What a cool idea to have your muses trying to figure out how to inspire their authors. I love the concept. Good luck with the blog tour and best wishes on your book!

Kelly Abell

Laurean Brooks said...

Sorry I'm late.

Loved the concept and the characters, Steph, especially Brent. He has a way with words.

I like aggravating heros, anyway. They make the story a lot more fun. LOL

Gail Pallotta said...

What fun! An interesting concept to write about the muse. Congratulations on your anthology and good luck with it...and the muses.

LK Hunsaker said...

I have to think it would be interesting to have a writing spouse/partner who does a completely different genre! Sounds like a great story premise. :-)

Diane Craver said...

Sounds like a great story! Good luck with sales!

Jana Richards said...

Good luck with the anthology Steph. I wish you excellent sales.


Anne Patrick said...

Hi Steph and Dani,
I enjoyed the post! Good luck with the rest of your tour, Steph.

StephB said...

Dani, again, thanks so much for having me here today. Congrats to Laurean Brooks and Diane Craver - winner of the autographed postcards. Ladies, please email me at sgcardin1@yahoo.com with your snail mail addresses so I can get those postcards out to you.


Hope to see you on the next stop! Visit my blog for the tour itinery at http://sgcardin.blogspot.com

Don't forget - in order to be eligable for the grand prize - you have to pop into all the blogs. I'll be giving away a Be Mused, Mouse pad, magnets and more postcards.

Thanks & Smiles

Diane Craver said...

Thank you! I'm glad I won! I'll email you my address.

You have a great blog and website!

Danielle Thorne said...

Congrats Laurean and Diane!