August 4, 2010

Our Children, Our Talents

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the talents in our children cultivated. As a parent, it has been a pleasure of mine to help my kids find something to do that they are good at and that they enjoy. I grew up with athletic brothers and played a few sports myself. Imagine my surprise when I realized the four children I was raising had no interest in those kinds of things. Helping them find their own niches in life has been a journey of exploration and a fun one. We have dabbled in Little League baseball, swimming, piano lessons, karate, and scouting. My kids have found happiness in the arts and music programs in our educational system, especially Marching Band. We've tried a little gymnastics and some swimming. There are so many wonderful opportunities in this life. Why not take them?

Recently, I heard the news that one of my former cub scouts was going to be competing in the Junior Olympics. I've never been so proud. If you would like to learn more about this amazing young man, only nine-years-old, please check out his blog and please consider donating to help him pay his expenses.

Last, I wanted to share an amazing music video from a seven-year-old little girl that will leave you speechless. She has a beautiful voice and angelic smile. Is it not proof enough, that children deserve every opportunity to fly, no matter what path they choose?

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