February 28, 2012

Chilling News

Not to be melodramatic (which is one of my few talents), I'm happy to announce the release of my first Young Adult Paranormal, DEATH CHEATER
I was thrilled with the cover of this novel, which you can see far left. All I knew was I wanted an image of a butterfly, somehow worked into the art, and my cover artist at Desert Breeze Publishing, Jenifer Ranieri, did a fantastic job. I've been involved with ebooks since before there were ereaders, and I'm of the opinion that Desert Breeze has some of the finest book covers around. Being as there have been some Ariana cover art awards, I know I'm not the only one.

The blue butterfly you see on the cover of DEATH CHEATER is supposed to be a beautiful species from Brazil. Known as Morpho Menelaus, this butterfly steals a scene or two in this paranormal story, going from a collector's shadow box to fluttering its way out the door. But that's all I'm going to tell you. Here's the blurb for DEATH CHEATER if you haven't heard about it yet:

Athena Gray lives vicariously through her sister because people in general avoid her. Whether it's strange things like dead butterflies fluttering to life, or the time she saved her dying grandpa just by willing him to live, Athena knows that she is different. The only person who doesn't seem to think so is Dan, the most popular boy on Omega High School's baseball team. But even Dan can't understand the reason she acts haunted, until a spirit roaming the local historic burial mounds takes an interest in people Athena cares about.

A week after its release, reviews for DEATH CHEATER are already starting to come in from some young adult readers at goodreads.com:

"I really enjoyed this book, it was well written, had good pace, and kept the reader interested. I really related to Athena as a character, and really felt for her and the problems she was facing. It definitely reminded me of what it's like to be a teenager, and I really liked that she had her own way of saying things, eg: 'oh cheese!'

The storyline itself was intriguing, the idea of being a death cheater was original and not something that I have come across before, and the romance element was light and didn't overpower the rest of the book.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to anyone who likes young-adult fiction, or books with a paranormal/fantasy feel."


Read Sarah's entire review at: 

Free copy? I'll be giving away a free copy of DEATH CHEATER (this March) at a giveaway coming soon to The Balanced Writer. Stay tuned. And if you can't wait, I hope you'll visit Amazon or Desert Breeze and pick up a copy of my latest ebook release. 

Share the news. Word of a mouth is a balancing author's best tool!

~Danielle Thorne

You can read the first chapter and more of DEATH CHEATER through Amazon's 
"Click to Look Inside" feature. Check it out!

FYI: Heads up! DEATH CHEATER is only $4.99 at Amazon this week!


Sandra said...

Beautiful cover photo! Sounds like a great read too.

Elaine Cantrell said...

I love your cover, and the book sounds fabulous.

J. Gunnar Grey said...

Congrats on the release. Might you post an excerpt for us to sample next Saturday? I'd love to check out your writing style.