March 7, 2012

App Happy

"There's an app for that." I love that expression. I love finding cool apps for my phone, too. Now I don't have like a zillion pages of useless app programs on my phone; just three. I dislike clutter, but boy, I sure use the heck out of some of them. They make so life so easy. And when do we ever find ourselves without our phones these days?

Looking over my phone, my apps in general include programs for weather, travel, diet, exercise, scheduling, social networks, books, and a few games. One of my friends, Traci W. from Idaho is in love with her Pinterest app. I have to admit, I have that one, too.
I asked around, and some favorite apps others are enjoying sounded pretty interesting. Author Sandra Sookoo loves her Mickey app. If you're a Disney fan, evidently there's apps for visiting the theme parks that can be used for everything, even to check line wait times. Amazing!

There's also a Geocaching app. I love geocaching when I have the time. Whenever I think about it, just one tap shows me all the caches in the area if I feel like a little scavenger adventure. (If you'd like to learn more about geocaching, visit the official, worldwide Geocache website.)

"Angry Birds" was mentioned to me from Stephanie Burkhart, "Word Mix" from my friend, Betty, also weather apps from several other folks. I really do like the weather app I keep on my phone. I use it daily, because, let's be serious, it's easier to pick up the phone than to walk outside. It helps me know how to dress my son the next morning for school, whether or not I need a jacket going out to exercise in the neighborhood, and if it's going to rain in the next week. My own personal weatherman. I also keep a pedometer for walking or jogging.

For readers, there's apps for ebooks: the Kindle app, the iBookstore (recommended by Gail Delaney), Stanza, and more. I have the Kindle app on my iPhone. It works well. 
Now, besides my Facebook and email app, my favorite program is called "Fast Food Calories." I'm no health nut, that's for sure, but I really have to watch what I eat, and that's hard to do eating out. This program is simply a list of common restaurants and menus, with nutrition facts for each item. I've loved using it over the past year and find it very useful. 

From Fast Food Calories, I've learned how to make healthy choices at some of my favorite restaurants. For example, at Wendy's, a plain baked potato and small chili is only around 7 grams of fat. A grilled chicken sandwich, with bun, toppings and all, is only 4 grams at Chick Fil A. Can't beat that! At Panera Bread Company, I choose the black bean or french onion soup and an apple. You'd be shocked at the staggering amount of fat and calories in salads and sub sandwiches. 

This app even helps me out at steak houses where I've learned to go for the sirloin cuts (Run from that ribeye, honey!) and roasted veggies. While we like to think it only takes common sense to make smart choices out and about town, the truth is you never know what's on your plate if you don't ask.

So, what's your favorite app? Are there still some missing in your life? There are for me. Apps for parenting, editing, the dentist, and maybe even a remote control? Hmm. I may be on to something… 

~Danielle Thorne

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