June 27, 2012

Feeling Nutty?

It's time for a Favs post again, and this month I'm spotlighting the bag in the trashcan next to my desk. It's usually on my desk, but I go through a bag of my favorite TRUE NORTH almond pecan clusters once a month... or less.

Because of lifestyle improvements this year, and some recent dietary restrictions, I've been eating a lot more nuts. Daily. They're about the only dairy and gluten free snack I eat that has great nutritional benefits and fills me up.  They're also great for renewing energy after a long workout. A handful of nut clusters mixed with a snack size bag of Kettle Corn popcorn makes a great snack. Get crazy. Throw in some dried cranberries.

TRUE NORTH is vegan, with no artificial colors or preservatives. The ingredients are simple and organic. And that's not why I eat them. I eat them because they are super delicious and low in calories. To be honest, they're addicting. My mother came for a visit last month, and I had to buy an extra bag to send home with her. She's probably going through withdrawals as we speak.

There are four varieties of TRUE NORTH nut clusters: the almond pecan, a chocolate nut crunch, cashew crunch and peanut crunch.

I've also had the chocolate nut crunch. They're to die for. I'd sell one of my children for a case. Unfortunately, my local Sam's Club is no longer carrying that variety. Probably because they couldn't keep them stocked.

TRUE NORTH claims to sell their booty at Sam's Clubs, Walmart, HEB and drugstores like Walgreen's. In my area, I can only get them at Sam's. I hope you have better luck.

Eat smart. If you're trying to watch what you eat this summer or need something healthy to snack on, hunt yourself down a bag of these sweet nutty nuts. You won't be sorry.

~Danielle Thorne


Anne Patrick said...

Personally I like snacking on sunflower seeds, but they do sound yummy. I'll have to get them a try. Too bad we can't snack on chocolate and not have it affect our weight ;).

Patty said...

I like to snack on popcorn... and a cup of tea. It's the perfect combo. ;)

Danielle Thorne said...

I love popcorn, too, but I'm really into nuts right now because I've had chocolate restricted from my diet. It's horrible!

Primarymary said...

Amazon.com has True North Nut clusters, in a few different varieties.

Danielle Thorne said...

That's great news. I checked the prices though and they're a little high--a bag from Sam's is about $10 for the 24 oz size rather than $15 on Amazon but sometimes they have sales on there.