June 19, 2012

Southern Romance Writer

This week I'm spotlighting an author I enjoy reading and whom I've had the pleasure of attending a book signing with as of last year: Linda Swift.

Linda is a successful romance author with years of experience and lots of great books. She writes Southern based romantic fiction, but also includes Historicals in her repertoire. I've read the majority of her books, my favorites being CIRCLE OF LOVE and LET NOTHING YOU DISMAY. If you enjoy Nicholas Sparks, I think you'd enjoy Linda's books.

This past week I had the opportunity to read her novelette, RESURRECTION. It's a frightening look at mental health facilities and the desperation we feel when no one but ourselves can see the truth. Here's the blurb:


Charlotte Timberlake, an enterprising newspaper reporter, wants to write a book comparing past and present treatment for mental illness and persuades a doctor friend to have her admitted to a state hospital as a patient. When unforeseen events make it impossible for her to leave, she begins to exhibit symptoms of the illness she faked. Unable to convince those in charge, her children, or ex-husband that she doesn't belong here. Charlotte soon realizes it is up to her to find a means of escaping the nightmare of her self-condemned prison. In her drugged state, will she be able to carry out her daring plan?

I really enjoyed this story. For me it was a "page turner," as I was overwhelmed with the idea of being trapped in a hospital; of being powerless. I felt Charlotte's frustration and was desperate for her to find her way out of her predicament. RESURRECTION is quite a thought provoking piece, and it's easy to read in just one or two days. 


My autographed print copy of RESURRECTION is up for grabs if you'd like to give a Linda Swift novel a read. First person to comment on today's post gets the prize. I'll be happy to send you the book as long as you leave your contact info.

A little more about Linda:

Linda Swift divides her time between her native state of Kentucky and Florida. She is an award winning author of published poetry, articles, short stories, and a TV play. Her first two books were published by Kensington. She has 11 ebooks (also in print) and four short stories available from six publishers.

In her other life, she earned an Education Specialist Degree from Murray State University with post-graduate work from U. of Alabama and was a teacher, counselor, and psychometrist in the public schools in three states. She credits her husband and adult children for providing encouragement and technical support necessary for survival in the cyberspace world.

Linda is the only non-musical member in her family of professional musicians. 

Linda's very informative website is here.

Latest Poetry Release

A haiku is an unrhymed Japanese lyric poem having a fixed three-line form of 5-7-5 syllables. Within the confines of this narrow scope, the poet seeks to imprint images on the reader's mind and heart.

These word pictures are not meant for "doing" but for "being." They offer a closer look at nature's quiet beauty; forsythia buds opening, a bean field in summer, wild geese in flight, an icy-winged snowbird. And make you smile at a fat toad eating fried bugs or a bushy-tailed squirrel sitting in a bird feeder. Within these pages you can smell lilac-scented rain; hear the hum of a waterfall; see autumn's bright bonfire; feel ice needles stinging. These haiku are intended to lead you to a greater appreciation of serenity and self.


Gail Pallotta said...

Resurrection sounds like an interesting book with a subject not often explored. Being trapped by a mental illness and put in a confining institution would certainly put a person into a different world.
I enjoyed reading the post and getting to know more about Linda.

B. J. Robinson said...

Thanks for introducing me to a Southern writer. You know I love Nicholas Sparks, so I'm gonna have to check out her novels. Sounds great. Blessings, BJ

Miss Mae said...

This one sounds spooky, and really realistic when you come to think of it. I sure wouldn't want it to happen to me!

marybelle said...

I would love to read RESURRECTION thank you. It does sound very interesting.


Gina said...

Wow I feel so luck to meet someone as accomplished as you, Linda. Your book sounds amazing, I can't wait to read it. And " Every Season Transporting" sounds fantastic, I can't wait to find it. Best of luck, Linda, on your work. Danielle, your blog is so interesting and lively and lovely you really should win a prize! Hugs, Regina

Danielle Thorne said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I hope you're able to check out some of Linda's books. And CONGRATS to the first person to comment--you win the autographed copy of RESURRECTION this week. Cheers, ya'll!

Linda Swift said...

Hi Gail, it seems you had the first post so I suppose you are the winner. Congratulations. And I hope you will enjoy the book. Thank you for your kind comments.

Linda Swift said...

Hi B.J. Wow, that was heady stuff to have my writing compared with N.S. I'm still in outerspace. I do hope you'll try my books and that you will like them.

Linda Swift said...

Hi Miss Mae, how is one of my favorite cover artists? Yes, This character was in a real nightmare situation. I think you'd love the story. See you around the blog. I must write something for that soon.

Linda Swift said...

Hi Marybelle. Thank you for stopping by. I know you weren't the first to comment but I hope you'll be able to read the ebook if not the print.

Linda Swift said...

Hi Gina, and thank you for all the nice compliments. I really don't deserve them but I'll take them anyway! It's just a matter of writing for a number of years and keeping on submitting until someone publishes your work.And thank you for the comments about my Haiku collection. It is a beautiful book and would make a lovely gift.

Linda Swift said...

Danielle, thank you so much for inviting me to be your guest today. Sorry I didn't have time to comment on the visitors until tonight. I've had a busy day getting a new book manuscript ready to submit. It's already been accepted but I needed to make a few changes before it goes to print. Long day, little progress.
I'm looking forward to our next signing together in October.