December 12, 2012

A Mid-Winters Eve Blog Hop & A Very Merry Giveaway!

Another giveaway? Yes, there's two giveaways this month at The Balanced Writer. Catch the $25 giveaway post following this notice. This week, you have the chance to win an autographed copy of my Jane Austen-inspired Regency romance, Josette. Here's the cover blurb to pique your interest:

Josette Price sees her future in Beddingfield Park, while her brother, George, needlessly pursues a naval career. But dark, brooding Captain Carter rides into their lives with news that ruins everything: George has been lost at sea. Only Captain Carter and his delightfully spinsterish relatives can stop the Price sisters from making a choice that would be the greatest tragedy of all.

Easy To Enter:
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2.      Comment on this post with your contact information.

Good luck! I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season with their family and friends. We're looking forward to my firstborn son's wedding in just one day, and of course celebrating Christmas and setting goals for New Year's. I'll be in touch and announce our winners after the deadlines. Here's to you and yours!

~Danielle Thorne

An Excerpt from Regency romance, Josette:

“Papa!” she shouted, as she stampeded into the vestibule. “Papa!” She knocked brusquely on the study
door before storming in.

“Good Lord, Josette, what is it?”

Josette’s father had a frown creasing the folds of his skin. His eyes glared impatiently from beneath fuzzy

“Someone’s come. An officer.” She squeezed her hands anxiously. Her father did not like to be disturbed
in his sanctuary, and he did not like it when his daughter wandered about in the rain.

“You’re wet,” came his disapproving answer. Still, Sir Robert Price unfolded himself from his chair next to
the fire and moved over to one of three great windows overlooking the park.

“It’s not George,” Josette said.

Sir Robert glanced at the wet puddles from Josette’s slippers. “Go change at once. You're not fit to be

Josette felt the muslin sticking to her skin. Of course she was not. She’d put on very little beneath her
morning dress, and it showed. Shamed that her lack of modesty had been discovered, she hurried up the

Had the officer noticed? Heat tinged her cheeks, but she pushed it away. She’d done her duty and
informed her father of their visitor, petticoats notwithstanding. At least they would be able to stoke the
fire and fetch a warm drink.

As she reached the top of the stairs, Hannah met her with a gasp. “Which you’re all wet, Miss Price,” she
chided. The ancient woman, who had served two generations of Price family, took her by the elbow in
concern. “And you’ve been out without your bonnet, too.”

Josette allowed herself to be led to her room. The door had not shut behind them before she startled
herself in the looking glass. Her hair was a tangled mess, her face flushed on both cheeks. What had
the officer thought of the hoyden in the woods?

A recollection of him lying in a heap made her stare at her own reflection. With his cape thrown back, the
epaulette on his shoulder had gleamed in the dreary gloom.

There had been no white piping on that uniform.

“Oh bother,” she muttered.

The man galloping across Beddingfield Park had been no mere lieutenant. He’d worn the rank of

 #2: A Very Merry Giveaway, Continued...

Besides focusing on the celebration of my Savior's birth this month, our firstborn is getting married next week. It's Crazy Mama time at the Thorne house. I'm amazed at the end of each day how much I've been able to get squeezed in, and thankful, too. In the New Year we have another child starting college for the first time, and I will begin online classes to pick up a degree in Communications. All the while continuing to freelance write and play Author. Who says life slows down after 40?

December 19th-25th
Because it's Christmas, a holiday I celebrate and share gifts with the ones I love, I'm giving away a $25 gift card to to spread some Christmas cheer. I really appreciate everyone staying with me at The Balanced Writer and sharing the posts and information about my clean romances, historicals and adventure books with their friends. Mucho gracias!

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post and include your contact information
Unfortunately, entries without contact information will be deleted.

Best of luck and have a very Merry Christmas! 

~Danielle Thorne

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Katie said...

How exciting to have so many new adventures to look forward to! Merry Christmas!!
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thank you a lot for sharing with us
happy holidays


Krystal Larson said...

Thank you very much for the chance to win and have a great Holiday =) edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

Cheryl said...

Wow. I was hoping life might slow a bit when my kids grow up. Maybe not! Congratulations to your family and good luck!


Brenda Jean Hyde said...

I'm 52 and life still hasn't slowed down! LOL Thank you for the giveaway, and for your posts. I enjoy them even when I don't have time to read them when they come in my email, I save them until I can:)

Merry Christmas!

Ashley Applebee said...

Thanks for much for the great giveaway and for sharing with us!!
Merry Christmas!!
Ashley A

sherry fundin said...

Congratulations on your good fortune and may the new year be full of much more. Thanks for the great giveaway.

amandawk said...

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Emmalee Clark said...

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Gayle said...

I know the days of my kids heading off to college and getting married are going to come a lot sooner than I'm ready for them. Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas!

Eva said...

Wow, thank you for the giveaway!

Love your blog


crystaley73 said...

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Shirley said...

What an exciting time for your family! How wonderful and amazing that you are offering a giveaway during all of this! Thank you.

Can this be used towards I live in Canada.


Charissa said...

How exciting! A wedding. And your 2nd off to college in January. I'm in the same boat. I'm getting the oldest tomorrow and watching her graduate from one college to go onto another one, and her little sister starts up in January. I'm trying to be brave, because only having 2 left at home is making me sad when I think about it.

Margay said...

What a way to start off the new year! Here's wishing you more happiness and good will in the coming year!


Mary Preston said...

Cheers & Merry Christmas


Pamk said...

wow you are a braver lady than I. Sounds like you have lots on your plate. Here's hoping you have a safe and blessed holiday season and everything goes off without a hitch.
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BJ said...

Wholly Boogers...That has to be so Awesome and so frighting at the same time...since it's your firstborn!!!
I wish you all the luck in the world!!! I always hoped life would start beginning to be the best ride starting at 40!!!
Merry Christmas!
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Tiff Pull said...

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Brooke Banks said...

Happy Holidays and congrats about the wedding. I hope it all goes as planned.


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Happy Christmas to you too!

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Leah CB said...

Hope you have Happy Holidays & a Merry Christmas! Thank you for the giveaway!

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